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Sinusitis, Skin rash, and now tmj but not so much?

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  • Posted By: cryssyd3
  • April 28, 2011
  • 11:30 PM

Im new here and this is my first post. PLease bear with me, Im in so much pain and so frustrated at this point. But here's whats going on...

In February I started to get this weird scab-like yellow thick crusty "stuff" on the right side of my septum around the same time I got a mark on my neck right in front that sorta looked like I burnt myself with my straight iron. I didnt pay much attention to it since I have throughout my life always gotten scabs on my nose from rubbing my nose (but never did it cover the entire septum) and I also thought that maybe I did really burn myself with the straightening iron while doing my hair and just didnt realize it. Some time went on and the "scab" started in the left nostril only covering the septum. And the rash, well that started to spread also.
Eventually in the middle of March I woke up one morning and had a bunch of little "burn" marks on my neck (maybe 5 or 6) and the first mark I had started to look like ringworm. I went to work and my boss looks at me and says "omg you have pityriasis rosea, go to the doctor right now to confirm or make sure its not something else thats contagious"
My doctor looked at me with the most confused look on her face, she wouldnt say it was pityriasis rosea and thought maybe I was allergic to smething considering what was going on inside my nose so she set me up with the allergist. I went and had allergy tests done and Im not allergic to anything at all. So now Im off to the dermatologist....

The dermatologist looks confused too, so now Im freaking out. It MIGHT be pityriasis but it might be a fungal infectin, so she does a culture and gives me cream for a fungal rash in the meantime and tells me if it starts to clear up with that then its probably fungal. I went home put the cream on and 20 minutes later my neck rash didnt look so "violent" (it was really bad right before I put the cream on) but my entire body was itching, an itch that felt like there was fiber glass all over my body and I started getting these little pimple like bumps all over my back that would appear and then disappear within hours and left scars that almost look like cigarette burns.

A week after I saw the dermatologist I ended up in the emergency room 4 times. My head literally feels like Im at the bottom of the deep end of the pool, so much pressure in my temples and underneath my ears and in front of my ears. I havent eaten in days and I havent slept either. The e.r does nothing, one doctor even tried to tell me it was from my nose ring which I have had since I was 15 (Im 27 now) Im no doctor, but a nose ring causing a skin rash AND ear pain? I dont think so...They had no answers told me to make an appt with an ENT and gave me some painkillers and sent me on my way.

I went to the ENT who stuck that light tube thing up my nose and told me I have a deviated septum which is screwing with my breathing. (i have been to an ent before and never have been told this and havent had any injuries) apparently when Im breathing in my nose, which is extremely dry and I havent had any snot since February, my nose isnt filtering everything and everything in the air is coming into my body which caused sinusitis. He gave me some cream for my septum (i cant remember the name but remember the paper that came with it said it was for fungal infections) but no antibiotics. Then he told me the pain in my head and ears was definetly TMJ and referred me to a specialist.

I ended up going to see my regular dentist and oral surgeon, same surgeon who took out my wisdom teeth last year. The tmj specialist isnt covered by my insurance and to be honest I cant afford to pay out of pocket. The oral surgeon took xrays which didnt show anything wrong with my mouth or TMJ.

I finally today got in touch with my ENT, after crying to him over the phone about how intense this pain he told me there isnt much he can do for me.
I dont know what to do or what doctor to go to at this point. The pain in my ears and head is so intense that I sometimes get dizzy. Everytime I swallow I can hear a crackling nose almost in the middle of my head (if that makes any sense) My ears are constantly ringing and I have post nasal drip everytime I swallow but still no boogers in my nose.

I want to say that the rash and the infection in my nose are related, its too coincedental to me that they started within days of each other. Maybe I picked my nose and scratched my neck or something? I DONT KNOW.
Im starting to get really worried. I feel like death. Im taking so much medication and nothing is helping. I feel like all the doctors Ive seen are just looking at me as another regular patient with a typical simple problem. But I know my body, something is wrong.

Somebody please point me in the right direction. Im not even concerned about the rash at this point, It left scars on my body that Ill have to deal with for the rest of my life. But for the most part, that is taken care of. I just can not take this pain in my ears/temples/nose. Im in so much pain but I cant even cry about it anymore and Im starting to give up hope that Im gonna get better since I just seem to be getting worse as time goes on and no doctor seems to be giving me a straight answer.

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