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sinus + asthma problems - need better diagnosis

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  • Posted By: samssf
  • May 25, 2007
  • 06:40 AM

I am a 25yr old male. All my life I have had asthma and sinus problems. To this day I feel like there may be something going on that doctors have not noticed. Here's a summary of my history and symptoms, as well as family history.

Father's side of family:
Grandfather's sister died as child with diagnosis of Lupus
Grandfather - esophagus problems in later life
Grandfather - bad arthritis
Father's brother - Depression? Suicide.
Father's sister - Sudden breakdown, Anxiety
Father's sister: mild asthma
Father - Asthma, allergies, rhinitis, digestive problems, possible depression
Father - cyst / mineral or other unknown growth in one eye - resolved without treatment in about 6 months
Father - staph? infection in foot (swollen foot) resolved without medical treatment in 6 months

Mother's side of family:
Mother - two miscarriages

Me -

Hospitalized three times as a child. One time when I was 4. Another time when I was around 10. And another time when I was 13 (flown flight for life. That day I have symptoms of severe, hot burning sore throat. I had swam in a swimming pool that day.) Had pneumothorax when I was on the helicopter.

Until age 24 I could not breath through my nose at all. I found out I had a deviated septum, polyps, and enlarged terminates. I had surgery on the septum, had the polyps removed, and terminate reduction surgery.

That has taken care of the physical nasal problems, but I still seem to have some sort of non-alergic rhinitis combined with allergic rhinitis... also maybe vasomotor rhinitis. On some days my nose will run constantly. Allergy medications like allergra don't seem to do much - but allergra-D works great and stops the runny nose and allows me to breath through my nose easier.

As for my asthma, I've been on advair for a few years and I feel great. Except.... whenever I go to the doctor's for a Flow-Volume-Loop test, the results are horrid. They are always worried and accuse me of not taking my meds. I saw a Dr at National Jewish and they gave me a PFT, etc... and the tests aren't good. Yet on a day to day basis, as long as I don't run long distances I feel fine. I think this is because when I was a kid my body got used to having less oxygen. Also I sit in front of a computer all day for work, so I'm not exherting myself. I can work out at the gym, but I just can't run much. If I do... I get a weird feeling in my chest and feel like I can't get enough air in. I have to rest a bit and I'll eventually be fine. I rarely take my emergency inhaler (albuterol) which is what I lived off of before I started taking advair. Initially I took the 250/50 advair and felt fine, but because my tests are bad they put me on 500/50.

They say the poor FVL and other tests are because of inflamation in my chest... when I try to exhale very quickly, there is a bit of wheezing and I expell all my air sorta quickly, but there isn't much power (hence the poor test results) But when I breath normally, I don't hear any wheezing or feel any restriction.

The doctor's explanation is that my airways "rerouted" or redesigned themselves due to my having asthma all my life.

I'm hoping someone can give me advice on a disease or medication or condition that might be able to fit my problem or help me. I live in Colorado - anyone who knows a very well respected Dr in the area - let me know.
I'm thinking maybe my current asthma could also be caused by severe allergies, and perhaps there is something I can do to elminate the inflamation or somehow improve my lungs to a normal state.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help.

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