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  • Posted By: Skinskin
  • July 2, 2007
  • 06:11 AM

About ten days ago a pinpoint scab showed up on the top of the shaft of my penis. I rubbed off the scab in the shower and a little hole was left. It has since turned red, but doesn't hurt really whatsoever. It's also not really sore, and there's no drainage. It appears as though it could be herpes, and I've been tested for Ghon and Chlamydia and both came up negative. They decided they couldn't test for herpes because there wasn't any fluid from the wound to test. I don't know if I could've just pinched myself during the night and that's what's caused this or what. It's taking an awful long time to heal and I plan on getting re-tested, but does anyone have an idea as to what this could be?

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  • I don't know what's up with doctors. They can draw blood and test for herpes and they know it. You must specify herpes2 or they do a combo 1/2. You must advocate for yourself. You and your future partners need to know. You can also get false negatives if the blood is not handled properly, but I think you know what you have. Ask the last girl you slept with before getting it if she has herpes. Don't believe her if she says no. Go for the bloodwork. IGM means you just got it and IGG means you've had it awhile. Ask the doctor how it comes back. You can also have had it for years with no symptoms at all..strange but true.
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  • You don't really know as much as you think. They can only test for Herpes immunity. We had a nice, long conversation. And thankfully, he said it's about a million to one that I have it.
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  • You'll find out. A blood test will tell. You don't want to know.
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  • Look...sorry you feel that way. No one wants herpes and certainly, you would never want to give it to someone you love. A doctor cannot "think" you don't "seem" to have it...so what does he think you have???? I have heard too many stories from people who did not think that one bump meant anything and then they gave that to someone else. It is unconscionable now adays to discount herpes when 1 in 5 adults is carrying herpes 2. A simple blood test would have ruled it out, along with any other blood tests that may cause a scab on a penis. I'm telling you, you would not want to cause a nice woman the painful experience of contracting it from you when you knowingly discarded getting a blood test for it. The blood test will check for "antibodies", which not only means that you have been exposed to it, but that you have it. If more people were more pro-active with their conditions, there would be less pain and suffering. I'll do this for you. If you get tested and it's negative, I'll send you the cash for the test. If it's positive, well....I'll be sorry for you, but you will have clear knowledge and a woman will then be able to choose if she wants to expose herself to the disease. You lay your cards on the table, like an honest poker player...
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  • To skinskin,If you ask questions, you will get (hopefully) good guesses from this forum. Some members feel strongly about some subjects and are offering advice about diseases that are transmittable. You must choose which answers to ignore, or which to think about. But I would be wary of a doc who tells me that the chances are a million-to-one that you have an STD. Unless you have never EVER had sex (oral included), have religiously used a condom, or live in a monastery...your doc might be right. But then, if you were a monk, you wouldn't call someone names who is trying to help not only you, but everyone else who reads these boards.
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  • I have this exact same thing right now, i have spent hours on my computer researching and reading every single report i could find on similar symptoms to these, and so far nothing is conclusive. However the more i dig and the more symptoms and pictures i look at pertaining to STD's, our condition does not match. The closest thing i have found is moluscum contagnious (pardon spelling) and this is a simple skin condition not infectious, either way i need to get up and go to a doctor
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    • November 29, 2010
    • 03:49 PM
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  • i have the same thing it just popped. it looked like a redish purple pimple,now it popped and now its a clear hole! i had sex with out a hat on my jimmy. that was 2 days after it showed up its been like almost a week now. im going to planned parenthood Monday morning.
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