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Simple but persistent symptoms. What's wrong with me?

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  • Posted By: daphnia
  • June 11, 2007
  • 02:41 PM

For a few months now my left tonsil has been swollen, while the other one remains normal.
*Both tonsils have white spots on them that cannot be scraped off
*My left tonsil is significantly bigger than the other, but apart from a bout of tonsilioths, it has seemed normal
*I usually I have cough up mucus in the morning and my throat feels itchy
*The back of my throat is splotchy, red, and a little bumpy.

I'm really worried because this has been going on for quite a while...what could it be?!

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  • Sounds like strep throat. Go see a doctor, and make sure when they do the throat cultrue, to scrap the effected area, not the uneffected.
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  • I already had the culture and its not strep. I never thought I had it because my tonsils don't hurt at all, but my doctor just wanted to make sure.
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  • How is your immune system these days?You may want to boost it up with extra Vitamin C and Oil of Oregano.
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  • Glad you were able to rule out strep. Consider allergies as a possible cause - they can cause horrible strep like symptoms. A Western allergist may or may not be helpful (I am personally not a fan of Western allergy testing)...consider a treatment called NAET to help you diagnose and ELIMINATE allergies. www.naet.com for more info. Aside from allergies, it could also be fungal in nature - google candida and see what you find. Best wishesDOM
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  • Now there are more white spots and my throat is really itchy. Could this be an allergy or something more serious?
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  • did the doctor do a rapid strep test? or a culture that was sent to a lab for a couple days? My husband had a drug resistant bacteria on his tonsils and the rapid test did not pick this up, only found it after we insisted on a culture. After a week of rocphin shots he was fine!
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  • It was just a rapid test. Actually I wish it was strep because that would be straightforward and fixable, but like I said I really don't think it is. My tonsils don't hurt, and I don't have any other symtoms. To reiterate: itchy, one swollen tonsil, white bumps that won't go away. And I've also been feeling fatigue lately. HELP! I'm so worried.
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  • Just sounds like tonsillitis to me. I had it a million times when i was younger, until i got them removed.
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  • This happened to me. It was from Mono (EBV).
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  • check out vitamin b deficiencies.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 18, 2010
    • 06:50 PM
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