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Sick with various symptoms for over 3 months

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  • Posted By: andersh2404
  • October 12, 2010
  • 00:45 AM

So the past 3 and a half months have been frustrating. Towards the end of June my wife and I vacationed up in Northern Minnesota. When I got back a large bite/rash developed on the back of my thigh. We had found ticks and even a few dear ticks on us after hiking on vacation but the mark wasn't a bullseye so I didn't think it could be Lyme disease.

An odd, pressure headache developed the following week and I started to feel some dizziness which was ususual for me. I went in and with the rash and recent tick encounter the Dr. thought it could be Lymes and put me on 2 weeks of antibiotics. The following Month the symptoms only worsened, with a constant headache, increased dizziness, and chest pain. Another large red mark formed on the front of my thigh 4 weeks after the first so I went on more antibiotics. Not much changed though. Symptoms seemed to migrate, with chest/upper abdominal pain some days, and intense dizziness, headache, and nausea on others. I also started experiencing quite a bit of anxiety and woke up one night with something like a panic attack. I have not experienced that heavy anxiety for a couple months now though.

A few weeks after my 2nd round of antibiotics I had an MRI of my head which came back normal as well as a lot of blood work. I also had 2 negative Lyme antibody tests. A few weeks after the 2nd round of antibiotics and after not much improvement the Dr. put me on 4 weeks of Doxycycline. Symptoms continued and I finished the 30 days about a month ago. I started getting a tightness and pain in my esophagus which makes me want to cough and feels like my breath is being taken at times. I then had a CT scan of my chest and an EKG, all normal. Also had a urinalysis and more blood tests, everything fine.

The pressure headache and dizziness have been almost constant the entire time, with most of the pain coming from the base of my head and top of my neck in the back. My ears have been much more sensitive to pressure and it feels like I am at the bottom of a pool a lot of itmes. The tightness in my chest/esophagus and headache/pressure seem to go hand in hand.

I have been to a number of doctors and I haven't gotten a clear diagnosis. My main doctor thinks I was bit by something that really messed up my system and is causing these neurological problems. Others think the rashes are a separate occurrence but have no clue what is going on.

Earlier this month I saw a Neurologist and he put my on a low does of calexa, an antidepressent. His explanation was that there probably wasn't an infection still present but my immune system and neurological system have been effected and hopefully the calexa will re-balance my system.

I had an odd episode recently where the front of my neck around my aorta was painful for a couple days and one night I was hit with the sudden intense head in my neck, groin, and feet. It felt like hot sauce was being injected into my blood. I went off the calexa with the Dr thinking it was a side effect and I am waiting to be put on something else.

At this point I'm not sure what to do. Anyone have any ideas or insights? I am an active 24 yr old male and have no history of any medical problems and have never experienced anything like this at all. I am getting really sick of it!

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  • I have been having the exact same symptons! I have been to multiple doctors and emergency room visits with no clear answer. I even had the same burning when put on a anxiety medicine after a doctor said I had anxiety. I quickly stopped taking it. Its been so frustrating for about two months now. the chest pains are the scariest and seem to get worse as time goes on. The headaches are debilitating and last over 75% of the day. Other times it is just unusual qucik severe pains at different spots on my head. At many times i feel dizzy or lightheaded. I also have unuasal and painful neck pains.I havent been tested for lyme disease though. hopefully we can figure this out. good luck buddy.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • October 13, 2010
    • 06:20 PM
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  • Thanks for your response. I have read some other similar stories on other threads but haven't found any conclusions or diagnosis. It's very odd but it's nice to know I am not alone.My doctor wants me to go back on the calexa but for one I'm not experiencing any anxiety and two I don't want that burning again. It's frustrating. Have you noticed your diet effecting your symptoms? It seems like when I east candy or sweet food it makes my headache and symptoms much worse.There has to be someone out there that has had something similar that got help.
    andersh2404 2 Replies
    • October 13, 2010
    • 10:28 PM
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