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  • Posted By: mnerton
  • May 30, 2009
  • 06:48 PM

:confused:Hello my name is Megan, I am a mother of two.My oldest is my daughter who is 4 now. She was born perfectly healthy and still is. Then were is my youngest which is my son who is now 2. He is the one who brings myself and my husband to webMD. Our son was born born perfectly healthy and was healthy up till right after his first birthday. One week after his first birthday there was one morning that he didn't wake up. I went in there to get him up and found out that he wouldn't and couldn't wake up and know long could talk ,walk ,crawl ,stand or even sit up on his own. He was very cold, his body temp was only 93degrees F,but on the other hand he was sweaty and clammy. To add to all of this he also was non responsive and very postdoctoral. He was hospitalized for two days as they ran very test they could ,as every test came back they all were normal. All of the sudden he woke up and was fine,normal. So they sent us home. Seven months went by, then it all happened again he didn't wake up same thing hospitalized they ran test all test normal went home again.Now it had only been 3 1/2 months and it all happens for the third time in less then a year. Hospitalized again for two days as they run every test they can think of , they took 15 tubs of blood out of my little guy. Now they are telling me that they still cant find anything, all the test are coming back normal. So I am here asking and begging for some help, PLEASE if you have anything please let me know and help me find out whats going on with my little man. Thank you all and god bless you. Megan

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  • Okay, there are a couple of avenues to consider here and one of those is associated with an epileptiform disorder. I'm presuming that when you mention "postdoctoral" that you actually mean postictal, which would represent a state of confusion and weakness following seizure activity. The portion of the brain responsible for arousal states is the ascending reticular activating system and dysfunction of this system can produce altered states of consciousness. Since the episodes are very infrequent, it's important to determine if substantial sleep deprivation and EEG can elicit any form of change representing a causal factor. The second reason for a child to demonstrate failure to awaken would be an inborn metabolic disorder that in these cases results in hypotension to the extent that hypoperfusion can produce a coma-like state. I would also ask here whether the child has ever been observed to demonstrate apnea during sleep? I'm aware that you stated every test possible has been performed, but can you tell me whether a sleep-deprived EEG has been conducted and the outcome of that test? I would also like to ask you what tests were performed while the child was comatose during your visits to the hospital? Again, I understand that you say all tests are normal, but please provide me with the EEG results if one was performed, as well as any bloodwork and vitals taken during the episodes at the hospital. Lastly, I also assume that since no mention was made, that the child has never experienced digression to the unconscious state while awake and active. Since it occurs purely in sleep, a metabolic disorder, apnea or epileptiform activity would be highly suspect in this case. Best regards, J Cottle, MD
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  • Thank you so much doctor JCottle I will try to get all the labs and blood test results for you. To answer some of your questions yes they have done a sleep deprivation EEG test and they have done an EEG while in his episode. He has all so seen a pedatric neurologist and she thinks that it is a metabolic disorder. Well he is in these episodes he wont even responde to my vice and some times wont respnde to light in his eyes. It takes several hours before he startes to respone to any thing. If you have thiung else let me know. Thank You So MuchMegan
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  • Hello dear ['I could have written this about my daughter her first episode was before a year old. She has had four or five now and she is three. We also were rushed to the emergency room spent all day there while they ran every test. Nothing ever showed. Does your son if he gets sick with a fever also runa really high fever all the sudden. NO one seems concerned with these episodes seeings the tests cae back negative. Her body temp at the first attack was 95 degrees. I thought sh was dead when i woke up and found her in her crib. I have talked to tons of people you are the first one who has said the same things as me. I would love any info you have or find out-beth
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  • As a mom who had a sick daughter and all that could be done was give her antibiotics, I can only imagine how worried and upset you are. My daughter is now fine after years of my doing research and trying everything. I now have helped many people. Did this episode happen with 6 months of having an innoculation or a round of antibiotics or you having antibiotics while nursing him? Thjs does not meant the shot and/or antibiotics cause it but could have been a contributing factor. To see if there could be an underlying condition or stress in your son's body go to www.jigsawhealth.com/testing_children.aspx. Yeast or candida,in the body, shows up differently under different conditions and at different ages. Answer the questions if it were ever true and not just what is true now. If this seems to be the problem I have done extensive research on this topic as it has affected me, my daughter, my sister, brother in very different ways. No one would have suspected it had a common underlying condition. I would like to help you but have no idea how you can contact me, should you want to. I am not affiliated in any way with the web site I directed you to. They have excellent information and none of the treatments on the web are very good - particularly for babies. My method is fine and highly effective for babies. If the questionaire seems irrelevent I still maybe able to help you. Unfortunately medicine does not put much credence in this, however, the proof of healthy adults and children is the pudding. I would love to contact you directly - from one mom to another.
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  • Did you get any ideas from your physician as my mostly blow them off after the first two episodes cause none of the tests showed a issue. My ped said when she was very little i probably interupted a sids episode. Um she is over two nw
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  • Dear with sick son. My doctor could only prescribe antibiotics. It soon became clear to me that, although the pain went away within hours and she seemed to feel better, it recurred 3 or 4 days after the 10 days of taking the antibiotics. I realized I was on my own. We went to a chiropractor for months. That made some difference but not enough. We went to a naturopath for 2 years of strict diet, lots of remedies and this made a huge difference. It allowed her general health to improve. She no longer had flaming red ears and cheeks after eating, She no longer had constant ear aches, She started to sleep through the night for the first time during this period and she was passed 3 years old. It did not get to the base of the issue so with the onset of puberty she began to have migraines. I thought it might be cheese allergy (pizza), an tail bone injury. Again I spent a ton of money very unsuccessfully. When she was 20 and became ill with so many symptoms, medicine saw them as separate issues. I went into action again and found the myriad and pervasive ways in which we are affected by yeast - learning problems, seizures, autism, arthritis, allergies, asthma, depression, hyperactivity, glued to TV, sudden rages or illnesses, diabetes. An early clue can be cholic, sleeping and settling problems, diaper and other rashes, projectile vomiting, constipation in a very young child that continues. Western medicine has no understanding or solution. There is one! Do not give up. If you want to talk to me directly I am willing. I don't know how to do it through this site.
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