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Sick for Over 5 years - doctors keep telling me I'm fine

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  • Posted By: Mrfast
  • May 6, 2011
  • 07:34 AM

Hello fellow forum members. Before anything I apologize that this post is really long, but I just wanted to get everything out.

I really don't know where else to look for answers. I've been sick every day of my life for roughly the past 5 years, starting at around 16. I continuously went to doctors throughout this time, and each time, after typical round of tests and sometimes pills, I was told that I'm fine.

After each visit I would reassure myself that the doctors are right and I'm fine, but I knew every time that I was just lying to myself. Now that I'm 21 I finally realized that I can't just sit by and let life pass me by. The past 5 years for me have been absolutely horrible in every aspect, because I'm not able to function like a normal human being...I went from being a healthy and active kid/teenager with good grades to a complete slump.

First some general facts:

I exercise every day for a total of about an hour. This includes stretching, doing push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, using boxing gloves, etc. My weight is roughly 64kg (141 pounds) with a height of 5'8, which as I've checked is in normal range for my age. I would do more, but I find that I get tired very, very fast, and start feeling unwell if I run/exercise too much. In comparison, I used to be a very athletic/active kid up to about 15, and would often do well in school sports competitions (like running and jumping).

I sleep anywhere from 8-12 hours a day, but regardless of how long I sleep I still wake up tired, and feel sleepy/tired throughout the day. This feeling is worse in the morning, and gets better in the evening.

I don't drink, don't do drugs, don't smoke, and eat very little junk food.

List of Symptoms:

-Eye pressure. Mild around my right eye, but always present and heavy around my left eye. Sometimes feels painful but usually just really discomforting.
-Eye sensitivity/soreness. My eyes always feel tired/sore no matter what, and get really painful whenever exposed to light.
-Dark eye circles/visible green veins. I had a completely clean face as a kid but around 16-17 these started to appear and got worse. I constantly have people asking me if I don't sleep enough and have even been asked if I've done drugs.
-Dry spot on mid-left section of my bottom lip. I know this seems kind of unrelated but it's really odd that it hasn't gone away for all this time.
-General fatigue and malaise. No matter how long I sleep and exercise, I'm ALWAYS tired.
-difficulty going to sleep and staying asleep. This doesn't always happen but very often.
- Nasal congestion, once again especially my left nostril. These usually open up later in the day, but are almost always BOTH blocked in the morning and night.
- Difficulty breathing with my nose when I'm outside. It feels almost painful so I often revert to breathing with my mouth.
- Area around nose/eyes always feels full/dull/painful/sore, especially when I go outside.
-Post-nasal Drip. This is literally the only thing doctors were able to confirm for me. I was given antibiotics, but they didn't do anything.
-Unusually cold hands/feet. The doctor noticed this on my latest visit, but didn't give me any explanation. This is one of the reasons (along with nasal congestion/blocked sinuses) why I take frequent warm showers, to help me feel better.
-Pulsating Headaches on the left side of the head. These don't occur often (about once a month) but the fact that they're all in the same area and correspond with other problem on the left side of my head/face seems odd.
-Eyelashes falling out unnaturally often. I see my eyelashes fall out at least once a day.
-weird heart palpitations few times a month. This is really hard to identify or describe, but I can tell that I become aware that my heart is beating unusually fast and my hands get shaky.
- Painful left rib. I had scoliosis as a kid and doctors told me that due to that my rib moved into a different position when I was going through puberty. It's sort of pushed inwards towards my heart and causes me a a lot of uncomfortable feeling and pain, but I was told that it's not life-threatening so I just have to live with it. I don't think its related to my other problems but I don't know for certain.

Tests I've taken:

I've taken all the typical blood tests, x-rays of my ribs/sinuses, and had 1-2 CT scans of my brain over the past 5 years. None of these yielded any results. This ruled out all of the problems I (and often my doctors) diagnosed me with, like Thyroid problems or something else that would come up on standard tests. I also thought it could be Sinusitis, but it didn't come up on X-rays and honestly seems too minor of a problem to explain my symptoms.

I have an appointment in a month with a specialist (I finally got a referral from my normal doctor after being so frustrated with once again getting no answers), but I'm getting really impatient which is why I decided to finally look for help somewhere else.

Thank you for reading and any insight you can provide.

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