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  • Posted By: sickandtired
  • October 24, 2006
  • 03:43 AM

I don't know what I can hope to gain from this but I figure what the heck give it a try and see what happens. My name is Amber, I am 25yrs old but am feeling more like 60. I have been seeing doctors on and off for about the last five years. My medical ailments include fibromyalgia, degenerative joint disease of the lumbar spine, pre-diabetes, flattening of my lordotic curve, a rash that is only healed with diflocan but returns shortly after, poly cystic ovarian disease, currently dealing with a pilonidal cyst.

My problem is I am riddled with constant skin infections, eye infections, gland infections. If I go around anyone with a cold or worse I immidiately catch it. I am in pain constantly, my husband can't touch a part on my body that doesn't hurt. The base of my neck is the worse right now, followed by my hips. Anyway so that I don't get too much into this I've had several blood tests always coming back showing I have a wbc in the high marks, diagnosed with luekocytosis of unknown etiology, which basically means they don't know why. Can't there be a connection between all of this?? I tell you I am to the point where I wish I would go to sleep and just not wake up. My husband is sick because he watches me give up. He says its like I don't have fight left in me anymore and I'm just going to die and it breaks his heart.

I am just sick of doctors, always getting the runaround, never treating a cause just treating symptoms, what the ***l is wrong with me???

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  • Amber, i dont know how much i can help you, i am getting the run around from doctors myself right now, but i have a question for you?? Do you know if any other female members of your family have had any symptoms or undiagnoseable ailments like what you are experiencing?? If they have, you may have something in your family history/heredity that has not yet been discovered. Even if the symptoms are not the same for another female family member but they have something strange or undiagnoseable you may have something in ur genes that the doctors dont know how to look for or diagnose/treat. With my problem slash sub problems that have sprung down from the original problem i am finding more and more that it is family history that controls what happens to me, i have eaten and exercised and meditated every kind of diet i can find to do, but whats happened in my familys history is still happening to me and probably will kill me before i hit 50 since the doctors cant make up their minds on a diagnoses and i just keep getting fatter and fatter and lumpier and lumpier. Anyway, enough about me! I just wanted to say review ur family history if thats possible for you and see what u can find and present it to your doctor after you have the facts. Regaurdless of what most doctors say about a person taking care of themselves can trump family history a lot of diseases are passed through the genetic code and cannot be helped no matter how well you take care of yourself. I hope things get better for you really soon. Have a beautiful day today. Jenn
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    • October 24, 2006
    • 01:10 PM
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  • Thank you for your message. Yes my mom suffers from a lot of what I have but she usually got the runaround too. She's much stronger than I am and just decided to live with it. She ended up losing all her female parts because of doctors mistakes and when they got in there she had so many tumors on her uterus and ovaries they said they thought it was endometriosis. Women in my family don't live very long and usually develop some sort of cancer in their thirties. I've already delt with precancer of my cervix but I refuse to put myself through another pap....I know idiot right, well you just get to the point where you're so tired of the doctors looking at you like you're some ailen lifeform or like they don't believe you. My doctor keeps telling me its because I'm overweight and if I'd loose weight I'd feel so much better. I've done lost 15lbs in the last two weeks and I just got worse!! I was skinny all my life until I had my daughter and I just seemed to go downhill from there. Its like a vicious cycle, I eat to survive, I hurt too much to excercise, was told only to do low impact like swimming, but I need to loose weight to not hurt...how the ***l am I suppose to do that when it hurts to move and I can't take diet pills because I'm diabetic!Enough of me, you sound to me like you have either a problem with your thyroid or pituitary glands, or like you said it could just be in your genetics. I'm no doc but I do know from a fact that not ALL WEIGHT GAIN, is because you eat too much and are lazy. I was one of the hardest working people in my family before I became ill and started to gain weight. To this day I'll push through it and do what I can because I can't stand not doing anything. I hope you'll at least get a diagnosis before this gets too far. God Bless you or whoever you believe in bless you!!!
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    • October 24, 2006
    • 01:58 PM
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  • Dearest Amber, DON'T YOU GIVE UP GIRL!!!!! That Husband and Daughter NEED YOU!! Let me tell you and this is a true story, I have had so many surgeries and so many doctor's mess me up so bad. I even had my heart completely ruined from medication. At 39yrs. old I had to have 2 open hert surgeries 5 months apart from the 1st heart doctor messing up my heart so bad I almost died. I ended up bedridden, could not even walk to the bathroom without chest pain,could'nt even stay awake to read a story in the news paper. My heart finally got half the size of my chest from not getting proper oxegen to my hert. I was truely on my last breath to this world but than something happened!! This is a very true story and I am telling this story to you so that you to will not give up as I almost did! I eneded up going to Church of God church,Pentecoastsl they call it.The pastor asked if anyone needed pryer. I was desperate.When you are truely dieing you will try anything including seeking out the Lord,with all your mind, soul, and heart! I got in that prayer line. I started to cry real hard. I told the pastor about my heart being half the size of my chest and that I was dying and needed a miricle from ****s. That pastor told his people that he wanted them to pray like i was theirdaughter up there and that if I died he was going to hold the All acountable if I died because that ment they did not pray with all their heart. Everyone in that church began to pray out loud about me. I felt such a strong, powerful presence standing in front of that pastor. The pastor then himself began to pray for me and put his hand on my forhead. That powerful presence was so strong, I went to to floor! Everyone was still praying for me when I was on that floor. A lady came to me on that flloor also and she started to pray for me also in something the Bible in the New Testament calls " the gift of Tongues." ****s said in the Bible that when he would die, the he was going to send the Holy Ghost to comfort us and to help us and that the Holy Ghost has many, many, gifts that deliver and help us. Most people really donot know what the Holy Ghost is. Anyway, in that church, on that floor , all of a sudden it felt like everything in my chest ,all the way to my stomach, was just twisting and turning. It was painful. Well guess what happened to me in that little church on that floor? I got a BRAN NEW HEART!! My heart is completely healed Amber! Completely!!! My doctor's are baffled at this and so am I!!! So don't you ever give up,NEVER!! When all else fails and you have no where to turn, try the Lord! I am so happy I did. I would not be writting this letter now. I'd be in my grave.Ireally found out that ****s is real!He does heal!He did it for me he will do it for you!You know what I found ou about that speaking in tonques is? Well it is from the Holy Ghost and it is the only language that Satan cannot understand and when you pray in tonques the devil cannot stop your prayers from going straight up to Heaven because it is a Heavenly language. that is why he hates it so bad and does not want anyone to know the truth because it brings deliverence for people! I thank the Lord he healed me and I will never be ashamed and I am going to tell my story everywhere I go so that other people can get help tp. Well I hope this helps you Amber!! You look up and pray, read your Bible everyday for at least 15 minuts. He will help you find the answer to all of this. The Lord will not let you down, ever!!! God Bless you Amber! Deborahl
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    • December 8, 2006
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