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  • Posted By: worried wife
  • May 22, 2008
  • 03:44 AM

I am a 48 year old woman praying for some help for my husband. This issue has been going on for about 7 years and NO medical professional has been able to find the cause. We have been to multiple doctors, the local hospital in our small town was our starting point 7 years ago and three major hospitals in the large city nearby. He can be feeling fine for several days and then his energy level goes to nothing. He said sometimes he can feel himself "falling" or loosing his energy. Getting up for work and putting one foot in front of the other are major efforts. Symptoms that often accompany this are left arm pain, chest pain, shortness of breath, jaw pain and nausea. New to his latest hospital visit was disorientation, "felt like my head was in a tunnel". However, when they ran the EKG and ran blood tests, no evidence of heart related problems were seen. He has been diagnosed with arrythmia.
He had a stress test done about 2 years ago. He has had a heart cath and GI testing. No problems were seen with his gall bladder during last years bout with this.
We thought his problem might be blood sugar related as his grandfather was a diabetic so we purchased a glucometer. I have researched Chronic Fatigue Syndrome a little.
He wants nothing else to do with doctors. He feels like he has been told nothing over the last 7 years. He even stopped taking his blood pressure medication. If I just had something new to suggest we try or do he might agree to it. I don't know what to do. I know I can't fix it but I can't ignore it either.
Any help is appreciated!! God Bless!

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  • It's never easy watching a loved one suffer, and even worse when the person has given up hope. Seven years is a long time, but it often takes 10-15 years for some to get a diagnose. There are many autoimmune diseases out there that are very hard to diagnose. I think the best thing you can do right now is try to get him back in the fighting spirit. He needs to understand that the two of you are the only ones that is going to make sure he gets help he needs. The doctors might be looking in the wrong place. It could be that he needs to start pushing for other kinds of tests. Has he had a MRI of his head done? Symptoms can sometimes be confusing since so many diseases present themselves in the same way. The one who usually knows best it the person with the symptoms. What is his gut feeling? Most doctors don't ask that question, but alot of the time they should! I hope you are able to get to the bottom of his problems. I know what a drag it is not knowing. I myself have had unsolved problems for the past 3 years, but I try to be positive and hang on. Kiera
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  • These symptoms sound very similar to some of mine - disorientation, arrythmia, which led me on a trail to discover I was having a reaction to every day electro magnetic fields. It's now completely cleared. I don't know what kind of work he does - is he in an office all day or travelling a lot? 7 years ago was about the time there was a large increase in the use of wireless technology.. (Note that there is also a connection between EMF's and CFS, Fibromyalgia, and other similar diseases) As a starter, I would suggest (after checking with his doctor) typically 3 omega 3 capsules per day - 2 with breakfast, 1 with dinner (wild salmon oil is best), an anti-oxidant drink made up of 3 juices and water...25% each pommegranat juice, apple juice, sea buckthorn (German brands are called "Sanddorn", from health food stores) and still water (personally I use Pi water). 1 large glass at breakfast, and before dinner. Also very important - the sleep area should be clear of cell phones, "radio" controlled clocks, and clock radio - all which interfere with the Delta sleep phase where we're supposed to heal and regenerate. Box spring/mattress and metal bed frames also pick up electrical fields from the wiring in the wall (as well as acting as an antenna) which travel through the bed. In my case, this was the main cause of arrythmia and sleep problems. I got a wooden bed with slats - no metal except screws, and a foam mattress - air mattress would be fine as well. Tonight, you could try pulling the bed out 1 ft from the wall and making sure there are no cords from lamps/extention cords within 1 ft around or under the bed. If you give more information about his work environment perhaps I can give more suggests.Karen
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  • You say that you've researched chronic fatigue syndrome a bit.. that was a good idea as that can cause his symptoms, most with CFS thou also have sleep issues and concentration or memory issues going on as well. Has he got these things too? If not, it's far less likely to be CFS, if the answer is yes.. it does then sound like CFS. With CFS.. one can often feel the energy like draining away thou like he said.. One thing which makes him less likely to have CFS, is him having high blood pressure. That is uncommon in CFS (thou i myself have both CFS and blood pressure which goes up extremely high). Most with CFS get low BP due to it.. only about 2% of CFS people get high BP with it (or maybe your husband had the high BP before he got it???). (but then of cause your husband may just be one of the unlucky 2% but it almost excludes him from possibly having it). The best thing he can probably do to see if a doctor can possibly rule out the CFS idea..is go and see a doctor who actually specialises in CFS and has seen many patients (there are many doctors out there which do that.. but yes they are hard to find). From the new research out now of the genes which are affected in CFS patients (there are 88 genes which aint normal in CFS patients and they can tell which subgroup a CFS patient is in and hence what that patients symptoms are.. just by the abnormal genes.. this is the latest research)... i do, based on this, think give the medical profession another 5 yrs and they should by then have an actual scientific test out, this is the next thing they are working on.................... interesting study which has only just came out, on getting a CFS diagnoses for those who have it (by this study..things ARE improving.. from previous study ive seen in which most patients took 7 yrs to get a diagnoses.. doctors ARE becoming more educated on these things, thank god for that)http://www.immunesupport.com/library/showarticle.cfm?id=8861&T=CFIDS_FM&B1=EM052108C It IS very hard to find doctors who understand CFS and can make a good diagnoses on this illness.. that is why you need to seek out one who sees many CFS patients for an opinion. i have CFS but from what has been said so far by you (but maybe there is info you didnt give).. im not sure if your husband is likely to have this illness or not....
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  • i just thought that you may be thinking about how on earth you are meant to find a doctor who specialises in CFS. Try http://www.co-cure.org/Good-Doc.htm there is a list of CFS doctors about the world. Also try contacting local CFS support groups for recommendations of good doctors (If you cant find them via online search, sometimes arthritis or fibromyalgia support groups will be able to direct you to CFS ones)
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  • I think you may be misunderstanding the seriousness of arrhythmia. "Symptoms of arrhythmiasArrhythmias can produce a broad range of symptoms, from barely perceptible to cardiovascular collapse and death. For example, a single premature beat may be felt as a "palpitation" or "skipped beat." Premature beats that occur often or in rapid succession may cause a greater awareness of heart palpitations or a "fluttering" sensation in the chest or neck.When arrhythmias last long enough to affect how well the heart works, more serious symptoms may develop. At slower rates (bradycardias), the heart may not be able to pump enough blood to the body. This can cause fatigue, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting or near-fainting spells, or even death. Death occurs if the heart rate is so slow that the heart and brain stop working." From: http://americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?identifier=15 Your husband needs to control his blood pressure! My best friend *died* as a result of uncontrolled blood pressure. She "took herself off" her meds, and blew out her kidneys. She was a failed transplant patient. Please don't go there! *Please* at least see another cardiologist. A second opinion may help you.
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  • I've been thinking about your situation since reading and responding to it yesterday - I've really had so many clients in this kind of situation and I don't like to see people struggling with things that may be easily resolved. This is starting to show up more in younger people as well and in almost every case so far we've been able to clear it. As a kinesiologist I'm always getting desperate clients who have been through all the tests and no one can find anthing. In my experience, the ROOT of these kind of problems, regardless of the lables we put on the conditions - whether its CFS, Fibromyalgia, even MS, osteoporosis - in my experience lately, has been related to the effect on the immune systme and body's electrical system caused by work place/home/travel radiation and/or EMF's. The effects of WIFI may be worse in the presense of heavy metals from dental work. Note that it also has a negative effect on the way the body handles calcium. I have noticed a strong relation between WIFI and bone problems (in your husband's case, jaw/arm pain?) possibly because in order to keep the body's alcaline balance, the body takes calcium out of the easiest source - the bones! In fact we just had house guests here from Scotland and this was his case - 51 years old, great diet and lifestyle etc., but over the last few years looking and feeling grey and run down - lots of small problems, especially joint and bone pain (not "arthritis) that didn't make sense. It turns out his main work area for years has been in the vacinity of about 6 large copiers, so we gave him a similar programme as this, below, to counteract that. His problem was not "aging", except in relation to the fact that his body just couldn't hold up to the constant stress any more, year after year, without some kind of extra support. But it doesn't have to be something as overwhelming as 6 copiers...for some people even a cordless phone at home could have a noticeable effect. While you follow up with the other posters' suggestions which may take some time, you could at least start with my previous suggestions and move forward with something positive...1. "clear" your sleep area - a step you can take now2. 2 anti-oxidant juice drinks (repairing, alcalising) 3. 3 x omega 3 (wild salmon oil - balance stress, hormones, blood pressure, anti-inflammatory) 4. Let me add zinc to that as well (check with Dr. first).. because radiation is especially draining to the thymus/immune system. Important for the bones and male issues as well. Normally 15mg. Solgar brand is pretty good. I have an attachment of links re. scientific research and info verrifying this - if you'd like it I can send it to you. freehelp99@yahoo.comKaren
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