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Sick and Frustrated..Too Many things wrong to be from all different conditons PART 2

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 24, 2010
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However, my stomach does still get spastic colon...this leads to nausea, diarrhea, fatigue, I'm done for the day. I still get sick ALL THE TIME with colds, flu, etc. Right now I have a retracted eardrum/sinus infection that I've been on antibiotics for 15 days now and it's barely getting better. I still have eczema all over, (not my face though :-) ) , and recently I had total facial laser resurfacing to great success that I think you would never know how bad my face once was. I have no energy ever. I get pains in my lower legs that throb sometimes so much I can't sleep at night..in desperation I found some diabetic leg cream that actually helps a lot..this concerns me as why does diabetic leg cream help me>!?!? It increases circulation which is why I got it. I notice the leg thing is mainly at night or the morning...my hands and feet are always cold and going numb, I cannot make a fist every morning when I wake up, my feet fall asleep super quick. I eat super healthy ..lean meats, Mediterranean diet and always have, and I know this helps. If I try to eat something sugary I just feel terrible so I naturally avoid it. Sometimes I get pains like gout (I know I don't have gout - I know what it is from my Dad lol) in my big toe and this just confuses me..I can barely walk on it..When I wake up in the morning I feel plain terrible, like I know it sounds ridiculous but I NEED a shower..like need it..or else I feel stiff, achy, generally just crappy. After a shower I feel oiled up and ready to go...lol..totally different from when I got in. Advil is a wonder drug for me, I try not to take too much of it but if I do take it I feel like I'm on a vacation..everything just calms down, nothing aches..it literally makes me feel good all over.

Which brings me to the end of this..the last two actually serious problems I have..about 3 years ago I started getting non-stop bladder infections..just non-stop..and they hurt extremely bad..finally my normal doc sent me to a specialist, who confirmed the type of bacteria, Streptococcal type B, which is a naturally occurring bacteria in your body, but it's not suppose to be in your bladder. He also saw my bladder was inflamed and angry from the constant infections. He put me on low grade macrobid 50 milligrams every day, and after a couple of months, I had relief. I now only get serious antibiotic needing bladder infections about 5-10 times a year, and they resolve within a week.

Hooowever, if I don't shower in the morning, I will feel a bladder infection starting. When I wake up in the morning, the first pee of the day allllways burns. I also noticed that when my stomach acts up my bladder starts burning, never fail. I don't go to the doc much as they never know what to do for me and I have an extremely busy life but on a hunch I went to a gastro and got tested for a condition called SIBO, which is something to do with bacteria out of whack in your GI track. I came up positive. I started taking Florastor probiotics with a fancy antibiotic called Xifaxan which helps regulate bacteria in your GI for longer than you take the antibiotic. This combo has made my stomach the best it's ever been, and helped my bladder while I was on it. I finished the one round about a year ago, I have yet to see if I should have another or not.

Just two months ago I went to the dentist..normal visit..I have always taken care of my teeth and they are nice..lol..he sat me down and said for 25 yrs old, I have some pretty advanced gingivitis. I had to have $3,500 worth of dental work at the gumline fixing my teeth or he said I was going to lose them all within a year. I was shocked..He showed me the pics of the x-rays and there is decay on my jawbone.

Thank you for reading this. As you can imagine, this is a LOT of SH*T to deal with. I am sick of going to 50 doctors..I feel like a crazy person when I tell them the littlest things wrong with me (like the legs or fatigue) ..but honestly, all those little things add up and with the nasty conditions I'm dealing with it sometimes gets unbearable. I don't even know what the normal aches and pains of life are because I think I've categorized too much as "normal" this whole time..just because it's normal for me, I don't think other people deal with this stuff all the time..so I'm trying to list everything in hopes it helps someone figure this out for me.
I've been through so much and I'm only 25, I'm concerned what my life will be like/what more will go wrong when I'm say, 50. I am still undiagnosed as to a name to a condition/conditions I have, and just want to know (as I suspect) if all this is related. If so, maybe I can do more for this? Aside from the macrobid 50 mg, I take no medications.

If you think you know what is wrong with me, or know what type of doc could help me, please let me know. Thank you for your time.

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  • Glancing over your posts, it would seem that the fact that the benadryl helped leads me to ask if you have been tested for celiac disease? Also, have you, or ayone in your family ever been diagnosed with epilepsy or any other seizure disorder? I am going to try to go back and read your posts in depth when I have some time so I make sure I don't waste your time asking questions you have already answered in the post.
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    • October 27, 2010
    • 05:14 AM
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