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Sick 7 yr. old!

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  • Posted By: pfleavell
  • June 22, 2008
  • 01:19 PM

Hi all! First off, my son is 7 and has been generally healthy. Last 2 months or so he has had a persistent raspy cough. I took him to his pediatrician and he said that he had a "slight" case of bronchitis. He prescribed Augmentin(antibiotic) and Vazotan(cough medicine). Son took them for exactly a week. A week to the day of the dr.'s visit, my son started complaining of his stomache hurting. Withing 10 minutes of onset of abdominal pain, he is laying on the floor crying and in the fetal position holding his stomche. He said his stomache hurt so bad that he felt sick(nauseous). Five minutes later he is vomiting. My first thought is appendicitis. But then I remember he is taking medicine and I reread the leaflets that come with the presriptions. With the Augmentin it says that if you experience any of these rare, but serious side effects contact your dr. immediately: severe stomache/abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. So I call the dr.'s office and they see him that afternoon. Dr says nothing is wrong, but tells me to discontinue the antibiotics. Right after he vomited he said that his stomach no longer hurt. Dr. doesn't seem to be very concerned about it since he wasn't running a fever. Said that if he continued to vomit or started running a fever take him to ER. He was fine the rest of the day. Yesterday(a week and 3 days after the second dr's visit) he starts running a fever. Had a fever all night last night and I have been up with him since 3:30 a.m. He has vomited once this morning and that is all. Right before he threw up he said that his throat hurt, but it didn't hurt after he threw up. His fever was 103 and doesn't drop to below 99.5(even with medicine). I am giving him ibuprophen(sp) and it says to give every 6-8 hrs. Temp is already on it's way back up and it has only been 4 hrs. I know that fever is the body's way of fighting infection but it has me worried.BTW, he has also complained about his head hurting about every other day or so for the last 3 weeks. I am just a really concerned parent and looking for answers. I hope someone can point me in the right direction or should I just take him to the ER?


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  • Quite honestly i wouldnt hang around waiting on this, id take him straight to ER, somethings obviously is not right, high fever & headache can be very dangerous. Your his mom, u know best, get him seen to & dont let doctors palm u off, stay firm with them. Best wishes :) let us know how u get on.
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  • Dr. doesn't seem to be very concerned about it since he wasn't running a fever. Said that if he continued to vomit or started running a fever take him to ER. I'd be following his doctors advice and seeing he's now got fever etc.. i'd be taking him to the ER. Two months is a long time for a young child to be unwell!
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  • I believe that your child should be headed to a ER as stated before, but I also think that if you intend on waiting it out another day or so you can either;A) Ice Him, which will possibly bring his temperature down.or B) Give him Heat; For example a Bean Bag -not ones like the chairs and such- a small about 12 inches long, 5 inches wide bag which is filled with beans that is able to be microwaves.Icing him can help lower body temperature, but as I grew up and was given ice for my headaches it always made my head hurt more, and made me more miserable.As they say "Fight Fire with Fire" I really do suggest something that can be heated -not to a deadly heat at least 1 min in the microwave- should be placed on him, though he'll feel really hot it always seemed to work for me when it came to making the headaches hurt a lot less -I have had Migraines since I was a baby-. If anything ask your son what will make him feel more comfortable; feel free to alternate.I hope your son feels better, and that you find out what is wrong with him soon.
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