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shoulder tendon tear to frozen shoulder????

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  • Posted By: taniaaust1
  • May 24, 2010
  • 00:33 PM

im wondering if someone can tell me what my is probably happening in my case, my shoulder seems to have gone throu several different stages. How do i know if ive developed a "frozen shoulder"?

My shoulder/arm issues started off about 3 mths back, out of the blue with me not knowing what started it. One day my arm just started hurting (on outter, upper arm, just below shoulder) and was like "catching" or something with sudden extreme sharp pain on moving it. It even did catching on just walking (when i swung my arms to walk), rolling over in bed.. anything was triggering the sharp intense pain off. It was also too painful for me to reach up eg hang washing on line.

i went to doctor after 4 weeks of this cause it was no better and the severe pain was keeping me awake at night.. to be told it was just a pulled muscle and it should be better in 2 weeks.

Three weeks later it was no better so i had an ultrasound..it showed deep tissue bruising, some arthritis (not major thou) and impingement. i started having weekly physio at this point.

A week later a policeman bent my arm up high above my back.... severe pain to the point it made me scream. (He didnt believe me that his movement of it was hurting me). After this i noticed my arm movement was much worst.. two weeks later when it had deterioated further still and so doctor sent me to have a cortisone injection into my shoulder joint. They did another ultrasound at this point (before the injection) and this one showed a partial tendon tear.

After the cortisone injection.. the shoulder "catching"... the sharp sudden pains when i moved it stopped but my shoulder movement didnt change much.. it was still quite bad (with me unable to reach above my head and with a arm up sidewards and raise movement even worst). i had less pain when trying to sleep but it still really hurt.

After this i have continued with weekly physio and last week..more than a few weeks after i had the cortisone injection, the doctor has put me onto stronger anti-imflammatories (before that he just had me on nurophen and panadol). It's now been about 3 mths since i first got the shoulder issue.

As the weekly physiotherapy helps my movement range (they also use an ultrasound machine at that) but it then regresses back after a few days, my physio has suggested i increase the physio to twice weekly. So ive had to find a physio who lives closer to me. This new physio i saw for first time today and he told me he's quite worried about my shoulder as he thinks i could be developing a frozen shoulder.

My shoulder thou in the past week has improved a lot in it's movement (since the stronger anti-inflammatories) so i thought things were looking much improved till physio shared his worries about it. He says i wont really know how it is till im off the anti-inflammatories.

so how do i know if my rotor cuff injury has healed and gone into a frozen shoulder issue?? Is there a way to distinguish the difference of what is going on with me?

i have a second question.. i also have just started taking seroquel daily (for my moods) and are wondering how long it will probably take me to adjust to it. i really hate it as it leaves me tired and feeling brain foggy.

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