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should I push to have more tests?????

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  • Posted By: PainsMe
  • June 5, 2008
  • 00:35 AM

While traveling out of the United States.......went to a hospital with pain in right side very bad....Ultrasound showed a hemangioma 2.2cm..........I thought gall bladder was problem...Doc said get CT ....possible Acalculous Cholecystitis.....
Went to emergency room in the States.......had every test done.....told not gallbladder.
all tests fine except for this ultrasound done in the states: In short form:

Ultrasound findings: right upper quadrant demonstrates a Hyperechoic Lesion measuring 2.2cm This is in the mid portion of the liver near the Hepatic Venos Confluence. The Hyperechoic Lesion is inhomogeneous. the remainder of the Hepatic Parenchyma is unremarkable.

Impression: single hyperechoic hepatic lesion as described above. Due to inhomogeneous echogenicity, the lesion can not be proven to represent a cavernous hemangioma. I would recommend a three phase imaging study of the liver utilizing either ct or mri with contrast.

Now....i did have a ct but not with contrast and told it showed nothing.
I was given pain meds and then on follow up a week later it had calmed down and was told nothing was wrong with me and that nothing is done for a hemangioma, good bye. I took the reports with me and wonder if i should press for a ct or mri with the contrast??????????

I still have pain . Although it's not sending me to the emergency room...i feel it's not nothing.
Any advice.......thank you.....

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  • Yes, you should ask for a CT or MRI with the contrast. Both of these tests show more then they do without. Follow your gut feeling ALWAYS. Kiera
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  • Or else trust the doctors who have had over 20 years of education and experience and don't want to expose you to high doses of radiation needlessly.Abdomen CT = 5.3 mSvFor comparison, survivors of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were exposed to an average of 40 mSv of radiation, and studies in radiation workers in the nuclear industry estimated they were exposed to an average dose of 20 mSv. In both cases, there was an increased risk of dying from cancer. Depending on the technique and the patient, these doses are comparable to two or three CT scans EVER.The choice is yours!
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  • I thank you for the reply. Sorry this might be duplicated. If an Abdomen CT = 5.3 mSvWhat would the Hida Scan be =? What would a boan scan be =? And 20 years ago would a Abdomen CT = 5.3 mSv or something else. I really do want to know. Did you say trust the doctor?
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  • I stongly agree wiyh Kiera. If you would be worried about radiation, you can ask for MRI, it's no radiation in MRI. Good luck!
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  • They weren't educated enough to diagnose my egg allergy, my Lyme, my babesia... You would have to say more to convince me to trust them with my life. To the poster - if your pain increases again, press for an MRI with contrast. Sure why do u worry blaze as u can diagnose urself......:D If you have any doubt ask fanny......:rolleyes:
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