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Short of Breath and only 29

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 25, 2007
  • 02:13 AM

Well ... several doctors later and here I am posting in a forum looking for answers. I have been having trouble breathing for about a year now. Ill explain but first some background ... 29, 6'2", 250pounds, 130/80 BP (history of light hypertension), ~60-62 resting heart rate. I have ad a reoccurance of GERD and it is controlled with medicine now, but for about 2 months I was unable to get the meds (my job takes me to remote China from time to time, all those diseases common overseas have been ruled out). I mostly have a desk job that can be stressful at times. I did go through a bout of depression about 9 years ago and I have been feeing a little "trapped" and down lately once again.

Beginning about a year ago I began a downward spiral in my gym workout. I went from being able to go 45 minutes on the stair climber 5 days a week (that is an Empire State Building 5 days a week) to barely being able to hit the 45 minutes 3 days a week. As time progressed it got slowly worse and worse. You see 4 years ago I was 350 pounds, and over the course of 1.5 years I lost 120 pounds via diet and exercise. Since starting my job I have gained some back.

Months passed and I finally go to the doctor. He thinks it is chondritis and runs me on a steroid cycle and things get better. Back up to 30 minutes a day on the stair climber followed by weights, and then 15-20 minutes in the pool. Less than a month later Im right back to where I was. I go back to the doctor and this time he diagnose me with asthma and they tell me my high blood pressure is back (145/90) and they say its just "that time in your life." I get put on Toporol XL 50mg (which doesnt do a good job and they up it to 100mg, now ranges from 120/70-130/80, only when stressed does it go a little higher). They put me on Advair and give me a albuterol inhaler. Now Ive never had a history of breathing issues or asthma, and no one in the family has either. The Advair didnt help and actually made me gain nearly 20 pounds in a month. They remove the Advair and replace it with Singular. Singular helps slightly, but still have the SOB that gets worse during exercise. Doctor recommends sleep study.

Sleep study shows a slowed breathing but not apnea. I had 17 disturbances during 6 hours of sleep with my O2 sats dropping below 90 for a total of 11 minutes (although they failed to note my oximeter probe slowly slid off during the course of the night and the tech came in to reposition it). They DID however note that I should use some sleeping pills the next time, even though they had given me 2 10mg Ambian tabs and I took them both. They didnt note I had a head cold and sinus drainage. It makes me leary of a medical center with so many issues they fail to note. Nonetheless they suggested a very low level of CPAP which we haven't undertaken yet.

Next we move to now. Im still able to handle 30 minutes on the stair climber (60 floors) and some light weight training, but it wears me out. SOB is very slight when I am sitting at my desk, lying in bed, and i still sleep pretty well once I get to sleep. Seems to be worst when I am driving. I had a nuclear stress test about a year ago and it was clean. Echo about 2 or 3 years ago and it was clean. Bloodwork less than 2 months and it was entirely perfect. Breath sounds are good in both lungs with an occasional slight wheeze. Upper rib cage kinda feels like it doent want to expand, and my rib cage feels tight most of the time. I feel like I have a need to stretch out to make more room. No evidence of barrel chest. I am consistantly sore through my mid back and have been seeing a chiropracter who has made some strides in helping me with the pain. During SOB periods blood pressure and pulse stay normal, O2 sats are usually above 95-98 on room air at rest in doctors office. Urine tests are normal, no swelling of limbs. I do occasionally cough but nothing horrible and with no sputum. My siniuses feel like they are literally draining 24/7 and are often clogged for short periods. Xrays of the lungs are normal.

Any ideas? I am scheduled to see a pulmonologist on the 2nd, but im still looking. I myself have 2 degrees and I am firm believer that it is impossible to recall years of info in a 20 minute consult. So i try to learn as much as possible.

Congestive heart failuer does make sense, nor doesnt cardiomyopathy. COPD could make sense as does Sarcoidosis (does run in family) and the run of the mill Asthma. The hypertension is undercontrol and I would think the meds I am on for it would relieve any pumonary HT if that were the case. The only things that makes sense to me are asthma, COPD, or some physical issues with my upper rib cage. Im just agonizing over this cause none of it really makes sense. Anyone?

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