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  • Posted By: geetanand
  • October 18, 2006
  • 00:59 PM

I am 25 years old , Male. I am suffering from stomach pain for the last 14 months . The pain is in the right lower side of my belly, i.e the pain originates at the right lower part at a distance of about 8mm from my belly. The pain is originating from about 8mm distance from belly is transferring to the right testis via nerves and the pain is also transferring to the thigh of the right leg. The pain is not constant , it varies , sometimes it is in empty stomach, sometimes after 1-2 hours of eating. The pain can start at any time. The pain usually increases while laying down for long time.
I had good appetite, no digestion problem, no sensation of vomiting.

I will not smoke and drink
For the last 2 years I am not eating any spicy food, non veg.
Taken food with less oil .
Rarely eating fried foods
Now taking liquid bland diet for the last 9 days.

Tests And Reports

Endoscopy done(Done before 14 months):---Report –Ulcer in stomach
Ultrasound done(Done before 10 days):: --- Report ----Normal
Endoscopy(Done before 10 days) and barium meal series : Reports
Reflux oesophagitis with gastritis
Deudonal bulb was normal
Blood test, bilrubin count----Reports ---Nor mal
Liver function test----Report---Normal

Treatment done so far..
Taken medicines for ulcer for a month, taken ayurvedic medicines for ulcer in the last 3 months . But all medicines are of No use. Pain is still there without any change near the belly.

Taken medicines for reflux oesophagitis and gastris. Now I think I had no pain due to oesophagitis. No heartburn etc.

Pain is still there near the belly. It varies according to time and food.



Hernia operation done before 4 years at the lower part of abdomen
Appendicitis operation done before 10 months


1) I had a problem in backbone before 7 months. Hence I had pain in backbone, and pain in my legs and hands.

Tests And Reports

Taken MRI scan of spine. Report shown sacrilisation (i.e less gap between lower two disks).


I had undergone Traction(weight in legs) for 3 days. Then undergone physiotherapy treatment for 20 days. Now continuing yoga according to the advise of the physiotherapist. Now I am almost ok.

2) I had a severe pain in upper part of the stomach, undigestion, less appetite and heartburn before 10 days.

Tests And Reports

Performed barium meal test and endoscopy
Report shown - Reflux oesophagitis with gastritis


Medicines and injections given. Now I am almost ok. I had no such problem.

3) Had a problem of Kidney stone before 12 months

Tests And Reports

Performed Ultrasound of lower abdomen
Reports shown : 2mm kidney stone(right side)


Medicines and injections given.
Taken plenty of water . Now I am almost ok. I had no pain in that areas.
But never felt that stone came out via urine.
Male –25years

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