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Severe vertebrae and joint instability-Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

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  • Posted By: Sherryse
  • July 23, 2007
  • 03:53 PM

I am a 50 yr. old female who suffers with chronic joint instability and with vertebraes, ribs, hips, ankle, and foot bones slipping out of alignment numerous times a day. I have severe foot pain and burning due to the lumbar vertebraes being out of alignment and pressing on nerves to that area. My deep muscle pain is debilitating, but is gradually lessening. I have constant cramping and muscle tremors when I relax to try to sleep. My muscles appear to be very lax and unable to hold my bones in place.

I had low dose carbon monoxide exposure from a faulty furnace for over 13 months (actual usage) and have been suffering with these symptoms for over 4 years. Before the carbon monoxide, I had an episode where I passed out and was unconcious about 2 1/2 hrs. I believe I suffered a stroke, but that has never been confirmed.

I have not gotten any relief with mainstream medicine, neurologists, orthopedics, internists, and have sought alternative and chiropractic measures with only a small amount of relief. It is a temporary fix, as adjustments do not hold for more than a day at best.

I am unable to work if I needed to and have not had a "normal" life for many years. I cannot believe I will have to continue to live like this with no answers for years to come.

Most doctors do not seem to understand the muscle disorder relating to carbon monoxide exposure. I have been tested for MS, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, B12 deficiency with no clear findings. I did have an EEG brain scan that shows the brain is processing information slowly. An MRI did not confirm MS although I am told my symptoms are like MS. The area of the brain usually associated with damage from carbon monoxide was inconclusive on the MRI.

Has anyone ever heard of a condition, possibly after a trauma of some type, that causes the bones to slip out of joint like I am experiencing? I can just move the wrong way and they "clunk" out of place. It is so painful. I can find nothing on the internet relating carbon monoxide to these joint subluxations. Thanks for listening.

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  • Look up Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome.
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  • Thank you for your help. However I do not believe this is a genetic disorder as in Ehlers-Danlos as I have no other symptoms and never had this until during and after the carbon monoxide exposure. My skin looks perfectly normal and my joints don't visibly overextend as described. I was exposed to long term carbon monoxide for a total of 13 months from a cracked heat exchanger in my furnace before the problem was discovered. No one has been able to explain what occurred with my muscles or how the carbon monoxide relates to it or how to fix it. This is not usually listed as a side effect of CO poisoning. All I know is it starves the body of oxygen. I did find a site from the UK that has done studies on this type of exposure, and those that have been followed for years, complain of deep muscle pain, but not the subluxations of the vertebras with it.
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  • Hi. I am having the same problems you are, and worse. I have recently discovered that I have been exposed to longterm low to medium level carbon monoxide poisoning for actually about 5 years, and then high level for about 4 months, from a faulty heat exchanger and also gas lines that have been deteriorating in my house for some time (multiple gas and carbon monoxide issues, with house continually filling up with it and me not realizing how bad it was). I have so many health issues it's unbelievable, with some of them being horrible memory loss, inability to think clearly, fuzzy-brained, muscle weakness and a toxic feeling, bones and vertebrae going out of place for no reason, heart valve abnormalities, breathing problems, etc. The doctors I've seen rule out any and everything, basically implying "it's all in my head." Well, in a way, it is. Because that's one of the worse problems with CM poisoning. I've been trying to research this on the web for weeks and it's hard to find anyone who knows anything about longterm or chronic or whatever, exposure. It's like, shhh, don't talk about it! Not even my primary care physician, nor the lung or heart specialists I saw, have a clue about the damage that it causes. They just know I have these problems; they don't know why or how I got them. Well, if they lived in my house, they'd know. And if they'd had the gas company out as many times as I have finding leaks, they'd know. And if they'd just spent thousands of dollars trying to fix all of the gas lines, and then change all of the appliances to electric, they'd know. All of which I have done trying to fix this problem. Now I'm trying to find out what I can do to improve my health. I refuse to go with the information and possibility that I will be disabled or get worse from this. I'm praying for God to restore my health, and I'm going to do everything in my power to find answers. If there's anyone out there that knows anything about how to do that, please reply. This is not a "just in your head" type of health concern, and it's extremely frustrating for doctors to treat you that way, and there to be no answers.
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  • Dear dreamer724, I am the one who originally posted this thread. I do want to share some things with you, and some things I have learned, and the improvements I have made since my post nearly a year ago. I want to take the time to answer you more adequately. Don't give up-it's so hard to stay positive when things are so bad. Believe me, I have been right where you are for so many years! You are the first person I have encountered that has all the same symptoms that I suffer from. If you want to correspond with me via your personal email, you can contact me at tippybaron@yahoo.com. I, too, pray daily that God will totally restore my health. My prayers are being answered. God bless, Sherry
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  • It would appear that your muscles are not doing their job any longer. I would think that after you clear the carbon monoxide, then you will need to regenerate yourself with supplements and stimulation. One treatment was the apple cider vinegar bath. Use a pint of the brown organic and soak in the tub as long as possible, until the water cools. It will draw some of that poison out of your system. You can take several of the baths, along with the sea salt and baking soda bath on alternate days (2-4 pounds of each). Make sure you are taking a good electrolite daily and eating healthy and slowly you may be able to renew yourself. If you were renting, sue your landlord. This is the ultimate:http://healingtools.tripod.com/thn10.html
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