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severe urinary pain but no uti?

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  • Posted By: sickandtired84
  • July 12, 2008
  • 11:45 AM

hi, i hope that someone here will be able to help me. i am going nuts. :(

i am a 23 yr old female. a week ago i started having symptoms of a uti, burning, urgency, frequency (i've had one before). the doctor was closed for the weekend so i got some uristat from the drugstore to help with my symptoms. then, on sunday i experienced severe pain in my back. i assumed it was my kidneys hurting from the infection so on monday i went to the dr and they did a urine test and said there was blood in it and gave me some antibiotics and said that they were also going to send for a urine culture to make sure i was on the right antibiotic and they would call if i wasn't. i never heard back from them so i assumed that i was on the right medication. i'd been taking my medicine like i was supposed to, but not getting any better. my symptoms had gotten much worse despite the fact that the doctor said i would see improvement in 24 hours of taking the antibiotic. along with the urinary problems and back pain i also experienced chills, nausea, dizziness, cramps in my arms, legs and neck, and insomnia. i thought that maybe i'd taken too much of the uristat so i stopped taking that but things kept getting worse. so here i am, a week of pain later and my urinary symptoms are still very much present but seemed to not be as bad and all of a sudden i got the worst spasm/cramp in my mid-lower back. so i called the doctor back to let them know that was feeling worse and was told that my urine culture had come back NEGATIVE (i was taking uristat at the time and it says on the box that it may interfere with urine test, i told them this, but they said they would still be able to detect bacteria). but, they hadn't even called and told me that i was still on antibiotics and hadn't needed to be! the lady suggested that it might be kidney stones and to go to the ER which i cannot afford. the back pain lasted a few hours and was insanely painful. i tried to go to sleep tonight, but i kept getting a pins and needles feeling in my hands, arms, feet, and face. i am so scared, i don't know what could be wrong.
please, if anyone has any advice on what i should do next i would greatly appreciate it!

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  • It could be your kidneys but it could also be an STD. Have you had sex within a couple weeks prior to this pain? If so, get a STD screening, including a blood test for herpes 2.
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  • in additon for getting tested for kindey stones which is a very good idea as well as an std ( you never know now a days) u could also get an mri of your luber spine, and t-spine some back problems cause urine problems i have degenrate disk disease as well a rupturted disk in the lumber and i was urinating like you were.
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  • Sort of looks like stds. I have the same signs but not those pain in the back and chills... If your skin start to feel stinging sensation this signal your drop in antibodies system. Try boost them back by exercise and drink more water. Hope it helps you.:)
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  • Well I pass kidney stones like every 6 months, and here's the symptoms: Pain in your mid back either right or left side, then the pain travels from ur back to your mid front by your private area, it feels like you have to pee every 5 seconds and sometimes burning when urination. You may have a kidney stone blocked in your urethra, I had a stone stuck for 2 days, it passes usually on it's own. If your body doesn't know what's going on, you vomit, get nauseous, chills, and its hard to sleep.Kasey
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  • well if you know what it is, why ask us???
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