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Severe unexplained nerve pain. Numbness. Loss of function in arm. Doctors dont believe me.

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 10, 2016
  • 06:28 PM

Had a similar attack last year. Prolapsed disk in neck has been ruled out. Pain is horrific. Last year I lost arm function for 9 months and now its come back this past couple of weeks. History of disk rupture in back necessitating a discectomy in 2006. Neuro surgeon cant explain why this is happening to my arm, referred me onto neurologist who said it was just general ME fatigue and suggested I take something to.lift my mood, which I refused as there was nothing wrong with my mood!. Neither are taking this seriously and listening to me. Have a second opinion in 2 weeks, but its been arranged by the Neuro I have already seen. How impartial will that be?! In the mean time my life is on hold as I cannot function with this pain no matter what painkillers I throw at it (mst, oramorph, lyrica, naproxen, diazepam, co codamol etc) Cant work like this. I'm self employed with my own business, if I don't work I dont get paid) arm is now functioning to approx 50% strength and movement. I have no feeling in my index finger and the tip of my thumb. Ive just been told I'm severely anaemic, which is being treated with iron suppliment). Was admitted to hospital in an attempt to get the pain under control, but discharged because they could do no more for me than I was doing myself. I'm at the end of my tether with this and I dont know what to do.any suggestions gratefully received xxx

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  • I had kind of the same experience back to 10-years ago when I first start getting my Multiple Sclerosis symptoms! My serious advice is this; Don't go to that Doctor you were referred by your 1st Doctor. Better find one by yourself after looking for info over the Internet or by someone who referred you by it's own experience(like me) I think you'll also need to see a Rheumatology Specialist like I did. Why? Because some Rheumatology Specialist are very knowledgable with rare diseases/illnesses related to your symptoms! Look for one with vast experience in inmunolgy and preferably who also is an internal organs physician. They basically know about everything! My Rheumatolgy and Neurology doctors were the only ones who were able to help me to get the proper tests and after, to get the best treatments available~ I know it's hard, but you'll have to do your own and very serious hard homework to help your doctors to diagnose you faster and more accurately~ Write very thing~ Blessings~ GBYAT~
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  • I'm in the same boat.The hospital does nothing for me but try to control the pain.Right now I am experiencing new stings and pain in sternum area and one specific spot on scalp.I just saw a new Neurologist and he has said that what I am experiencing is a lot more than my last mri's show.Plus the scans were terrible so he has ordered new ones. All my doctors are leaning towards MS and perioheral Neurology.They have taken 6 years so far and can't give what I have a true diagnosis.My husband has no idea what I am enduring and my family can't stand to see me going through so much.Some days i feel completely normal,but they are few.I'm seeing a rheumatologist in a week after waiting 3 months to be seen. I'm a 50 year old female Christian woman married to a pastor. i am American and he is Mexican and the flock are all Spanish and don't understand why I'm not attending church like I should.Well if it was'nt for my faith I'd be addicted to heavy narcotics and slip into a deep depression.
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