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severe overheating with light exertion

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 26, 2011
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I have various autoimmune disorders, however none seem to account for my most troubling symptom - severe overheating with even light exertion. If I clean the house (dust, vacuum, nothing more strenuous), I become extremely overheated and feel sick. I don't sweat, I just feel extremely hot - which can last for up to an hour after stopping the activity, however I don't have a fever at any point while feeling overheated. At first I thought I was having hot flashes, but hormonal testing came back ok. Also, they aren't hot flashes that go away - they are hot flashes that stay with me, often up to an hour or more. There are times when this happens without any exertion whatsoever. However, light exertion pretty much always results in this extreme overheating. Has anyone experienced this? How did you cure it? I've tried black cohosh (used for hot flashes) with no positive results. My health issues include: rheumatoid arthritis, hypothyroidism due to thyroidectomy (had Graves Disease). My current thyroid levels are normal. I also have severe stomach problems (possible gastroparesis). I've recently had high amylase levels (they thought it was pancreatitis, however levels returned to normal), recently diagnosed with insulin problems (pre-diabetes), low vitamin D (been on mega doses for 1 month). I also have GERD/reflux. Daily symptoms include: nausea, constipation, severe fatigue, overheating, abdominal pain, severe belly bloating, joint pain and severe depression (not situational depression, it feels like there's something wrong with my body - if that makes sense). I am desperate for help. I can't handle living like this anymore and I've seen countless doctors and been given countless diagnoses (but no relief). Any thoughts are appreciated.

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  • [You can get severe overheating with minimal exertion with ME/CFS and it can be continual. H.Pylori causes GERD/reflux and can also cause overheating. A simple stool test will reveal whether you have this.
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  • This started after Bell's palsy. I get overheated, rapid heartbeat with light exertion, more so on a hot, humid day, but has happened in winter. Only way i have cooled down quickly is ice pack on head, back of neck. It seems to stop it as long as I do this quickly. One doctor thinks Bell's palsy may have damaged nerve next to the one affected by Bell's palsy. Says sends message that I am hot, overheated too quickly, when I am just warm, not overheated. That's when blood starts pumping to cool down. Had thyroid removed in about same time & diagnosed with relapsing polycondritis. Both are auto immune.
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    • October 25, 2013
    • 08:29 AM
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