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severe leg cramps muscle weakness and sleeplessness

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 27, 2009
  • 06:12 PM

I have RLS, osteoarthrist, type 2 diabeatis and have had a sampson rod fusion in my right leg and a knee replacement on the left.

I am having severe leg cramps at night with weak muscle tone during the day. I get about a 1hr of sleep at night before I am thrown out of bed with cramps,use to be able to walk them out but it's getting harder to do. My legs get like rubber sometimes and start to hurt and twitch just before the cramps start. sometimes they start in the soul of the foot and go all the way to the knee. Other times they start in the ankle or the outside of the calf. When they start there it feels like every muscle in the leg is tearing off the bone. Any ideas as to what is going on and how to stop it? I go days on end wih little sleep and am getting very fatigued.

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  • I have similar issues and wish I could say it gets better. I have dealt with it for years and recently was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. HOwever, prior to that diagnostic I have gone through a multitude of tests as fibromyalgia is basicly hard to narrow down as it has many common symptoms with other ailments. I went through a multitude of blood tests and stuff. My biggest suggestion is to find a doctor who will actually listen to you and not assume you are out for pain meds. Sadly, a lot of folks do used generalized pain to do that and as such those of us who truly do have pain have a harder time finding a doctor who will take the time to find out what is wrong. After dealing with the constant leg cramps and such for no less than 10 years and at least that many doctors I finally found a doctor who was willing to listen and not make me feel ashamed that I was hurting.The only reason I broke down and went to the doctor was that the cramping had gotten to a degree I could not function with regular every day life. Even going to the restroom could be an issue. Long and short of it is .. find a doctor who will listen. Even if they cannot diagnose you with a definitive theirselves they can at leat refer you to someone who may be able to help more. In my case I had my primarary care guy and he sent me out for testing with various others so that he could make sure. Long and short it ended with him sending me to a rhuematologist. Well I say ended but the pain doesn;t end. It's still here although I have times here and there where the pain is basicly in a remission of sorts. My medication helps as well. Best of luck hun and while it is expensive I do suggest a doctor when you are capable. The increase to the quality of my life from this is phenomenal. ( o yah try eating some bananas the potassium can be a huge help from them. DO NOT take potassium supplements unless specifically told to do so by your doctor as too much can very definitely kill you.. not might kill you .. WILL kill you).
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