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Severe Left Flank Pain

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  • Posted By: maresa_7
  • March 7, 2007
  • 04:36 PM

For 8 months now I have experienced excruciating pain on the left lower back area in the kidney region. In August 2006 I developed a Renal Thrombrosis of the left kidney and a second clot near my left ovary. I was admitted to the hospital and received tPA treatment for the Renal Thrombosis. I spent the following six months on blood thinners and developed excruciating left flank pain that sent me to the ER at least 12 times.

Over that course of time I developed Mono and was found to have a slightly enlarged spleen. The pain became so bad that I was provided with scripts for Loritab to help control the pain. Several CT Scans, MRI's, Sonograms, Bloodwork and a Colonoscopy was performed. Nothing could explain why I was having the pain. The constant pain and frequent flare ups that sent me to the ER prevented me from working outside of my home. I'm fortunate I have a job that allows me to work from home otherwise I would have no job.

I had an IUD put in September of 2006; doctors thought this might help control some of the pain (I don't know?). This caused me to bleed for the next 5 months. I have now gotten to the point where I'm down to bi-weekly periods, but there is always some kind of discharge. (The clots were thought to be caused by the Nuva Ring I was on, so I can no longer take any Estrogen based products).

I've been keeping a medical journal documenting all of my medical symptoms. No one seems to know what is wrong with me or how to help me. I feel like I'm crazy some times. I did see my OBGYN in January and she did exploratory lap and found Endometriosis on my bladder and a few other places throughout my abdominal cavity. In addition to this they also found and removed adhesions from my bladder, colon, uterus and other areas with the abdomen. My appendix was found embeded within my colon and was removed as a precaution to prevent possible issues later.

Recovery was slow, but seemed to have resolved the issues. After the surgery pain subsided the usual pain came back, but not as strong and not so much in the left flank. I was told there could be deep tissue endometriosis which they could not get, but could be treated with Luvonox injections (still waiting on this treatment). It's been 4 weeks since my surgery and the left flank has slowly started to sneak up on me, growing stronger and stronger. Today it has become the worst ever since the surgery. Other symptoms I have had include burning sensation in my stomach, nausea, ocassional rectal bleeding, involuntary movement of my arms and legs, headaches (I'm a migraine sufferer and take topamax as a preventative which has worked great until just recently... no migraines, but I've been having frequent headaches again), increased blood pressure, low back pain, cramping, I'm sure there are few others I've forgotten.

The one other oddity that no one seems concerned with is this mass that developed over night about 2 weeks before surgery. It is on my right side about middle torso. When I awoke one morning it was this grotesquely bulging mass. I went to see my doc and it had lessen in protusion by the time I got to her office, but was still visible and tender to the touch. Sono showed "nothing to be concerned about", but the mass continues to be there and appears to be moving further in toward my chest, slowly but surely. HELP!!! I'm running out of resources.

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  • The injection I'm waiting to receive is LUPRON, not Luvonox. I confused the two. The pain continues to worsen and I believe it's time to seek out another opinion, but I'm not sure which type of doctor to look for, suggestions?
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  • Maresa_7,I just wanted to let you know that there's someone else out there experiencing the same kind of pain. I've had severe left flank pain for the past two years, and in the past few months, it has gotten significantly worse. I've had the same tests you've had, with no results. I'm going in for laparoscopic surgery in a week for endometriosis diagnosis; hopefully, like you, I'll have some relief. If you get any more information, please post on here, and I'll do the same.Emily
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  • I made an appointment this morning to consult with my doc to get a referral for a Renal Specialist. The last 3-4 days I haven't had any bleeding, but the pain has really becaome just as strong as it was before surgery. I'm becoming more and more convinced this is kidney related. It's my understanding the Endometriosis should only be "painful" when you are menustrating. I appreciate the response. I will keep you up to date and I pray you have better luck with your proceedure than I did with mine.Mine went well, and I was hopeful that it had taken care of the issue, but it's still there. Keep me up to date.Theresa
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  • This past weekend the pain became the worst it had been since my surgery on 2/7. We went to the ER and I was admitted. A serious of tests were ran again checking for clots, renal issues, etcetera. Nothing could be found to explain the pain.With no further tests to perform (and not wanting to get involved any further into another surgeons previous surgery) the hosptil discharged me the next afternoon.Yesterday I received my first Lupron injection, which should take care of any remaining deep tissue endometriosis. I was told it may take 2-4 weeks before the injection will work. If it does work and eliminates the pain, then we know the cause is related to the female organs. If it doesn't eliminate the pain, the we know it's not deep tissue endometriosis or the female organs.I underwent an Endosopy this morning to check and rule out a few other things. The doctor took a few biopsy's that we'll have to wait to hear back on. He also found a hiatal hernia. Not sure what happens from here, but wanted to provide a quick update.
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