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severe kidney area pain with no diagnosis

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  • Posted By: ddmayx
  • April 14, 2007
  • 11:22 PM

I had to have my gall bladder out in Jan when my pancreas enzymes were elevated. I had been having sharp pain in my lower left side in my back since nov. When I found out about the the gall bladder I was told the kidney area pain was deferred pain. I have had too many urinalyises that showed no kidney infection. I have some burning when i start to urinate and when i think i have fully emptied my bladder i have leakage when i stand up. Oh my ... bowel movements are excrucating. I have lost 17 pounds since November which some has to do with the gall bladder removal but i dread eatting because that usually makes my lower back pain worse. My pcp recommeded me to see a urolgist but that isn't until june. I was finally diagnosised with endometriosis in 2001 when I finally discussed the unbearable pain with my period and sex since it had finally started causing problems with my marriage. After my lap my OB/ GYN said then i was boarderline on needing a hysterectomy. I have since had a miscarriage and then last year another c-section. Now i am in the same boat with the same kinds of pain with the endometriosis but i have this stabbing pain in my left kidney area. I swear the pain feels like a kidney infection. i don't know what is going on. Each dr says something diffrent. I am wondering if it could be somehow related to the endometriosis? This pain has gotten so much worse since november. I am going to see my ob/gyn on monday and hopefully might find some answers. Any ideas or possiblities are greatly appreciated.

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  • If you were to have a kidney infection you wouls have a high fever aournd 105 degrees F. I would also maybe get a CT scan to see if any of your organs are inflamed, or to get a better picture of what is going on.
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  • I've suffered with severe R kidney pain for years. I won't have a + culture when the pain is in my kidney. I have to wait thru unbearable pain for infection to travel low enough to be +. The doc's don't understand it. I've joked that the nerves should be cut, but the neuro says no since the pain is my only way to know if I have an infection. The Urologist doesn't really say too much. One main reason that the doc's haven't investigationed is that I have MS with a neurogenic bladder. So, that's an easy reason to not go any further. They just keep me stocked with NSAIDs for pain relief.However, in 8/2004, I had a 3rd lap for a 3rd tubular cyst. This time they found endo in my right tube. So, I decided that my intense kidney pain (before it's bad enough to be a UTI) must be related to endo. My neuro things there is something to this.I hope your doc's help you. I suggest that you keep on them before they label you as "chronic" instead of "acute". FYI, the kidney specialist is called a Nephrologist.
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