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Severe itching, stomach pain, I'm not going crazy!

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 18, 2008
  • 11:59 PM

I am a 20 year old male, in relatively good health. I have noticed I do get sick a decent amount. But, for example, I think I am ok, last summer I ran alot and this semester I tried to play alot of basketball.

First started noticing itching, mid-January in my gym class. We had to warm up and run around the track, and body would itch midly. It started getting worst and happening all over my body except the face. It then happened everyday walking to class, but I would just have to wait for a 5-10 mins and it would go away. Now it has increased in severity and amount. It happens when I am nervous, in a hot area, physical activity or just randomly. It usually starts around the ankles and kinda moves up my body. It is really bad on my body and back. There is no visual signs of scarring, etc, just red marks if I have strached.

I need to put on lotion daily to control it, but it doesn't stop it. I also tried vasoline as a dr suggested. Only thing that helps is staying in a cold area, or putting water or lotion on the spot that itches.

It has gotten to the pt where it is unbearable at times, and I have to get up from public occasions to put water on the itchy area. it is very annoying and embarrassing any idea? It has prevented me from doing things I love like playing basketball, golf, working out, etc.

Thank you so much for you input!

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  • Hi there, and hello to all. I've just joined your community and I'm happy to be here. I'm a medical writer/editor, licensed midwife and lay practitioner. I'm also a real sicko. Progressive MS, can't walk worth a ***n, but continue to work hard. My gruesome pilgrimage through the medical system has turned me into a hard-core proponent of self-advocacy and awareness. The fifties are over. It seems we have to take charge of our care. I knew what was hapening to my body; MS is a family trait - usually two females in every generation - but that doesn't show up on an MRI. By the time I was informed of the obvious I was in a wheelchair. This dx came six years after my eyes went wonky. I immediately began the injections and hung in for two years, but the meds came too late. DISCLAIMER: I write too many words. I am absurdly long-winded. In my defense, I am also kind of funny and informative. But....as you will see if you proceed, I write long posts. You may have to block me or avoid me but please don't complain that my posts are too long. I am more than aware. I apologize. Now, on to our unfortunate friend: You have fallen into one of those hard to diagnose situations. We can obviously rule out Dermatitis, excema, pruritus etc because there is nothing on your skin. Your skin is an organ too, and a very angry one. What is provoking it? Because there is nothing to see, you probably should try an internal approach to stop (try this immediately, then make the obvious appt with a doc. Benadryl tablets or Atarax (if it's not Rx where you are) can usually calm down severe itching, it's just an old school allergy med - Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride (there's usually a store brand that will be cheaper.) This won't fix the prob....remember the Doc. This is relief (hopefully). When I first read that you had severe itching and stomach pain my mind went right to your liver (it's a skill), when I saw your age, my mind left the area immediately but I will tell you that severe itching is a significant symptom of liver disease. Your liver can be checked through a simple blood test, your doc will palpate your abdomen; a sick liver is usually large and tender, though a sick liver can be asymptomatic. One vial of blood will settle the matter. And you will be properly armed when you see Doc. (read on and see) The sweating is interesting, try to pay attention to the order of things, do you begin to itch and then start to sweat? Obviously if you're very uncomfortable and unwilling to scratch in public, you will begin to sweat out of discomfort. So the sweating isn't diagnostically significant. If the sweating comes first, though, it's an important clue. It looks like you've been handed a ROE (Rule Out Everything) - especially if you are prespiring prior to the itch. You'll need to pay close attention. I hope it's a itch first sweat later kind of thing, it will cut down on the need to 'RU' several disorders. You are a puzzle. You can do a great deal to help solve it. Try to keep a little notebook on you at all times. Jot things down as they happen - we always think we know what we're going through but we can sometimes misrepresent our symptoms when the time comes because our brains help us dismiss the memory of pain. My favourite example of this is childbearing. If a woman could actually recall, sense memory activating which causes her to relive the pain of Junior #1, I doubt there would ever be a Junior #2. I have two kids. I forgot all about the nastiness until I was back in the moment....'oh yeah, I remember this'. I apologize for the generalization. I know there are many exceptions. Sorry for the digression; back to the notebook. You want to record (1) Date (if there are not several entries each day, you're defeating the purpose), (2) Time, (3) What you feel (toss in a few adjectives; they're very helpful ; burning, stabbing, achy, dull). While you ache and write, concentrate and see if this pain moves around or stays in one place, (4) What you're doing at that time. I realize this seems time consuming and perhaps you'd rather not look like Insp. Clouseau, but you will have precious information when you enter the Doc's office. You may notice that symptoms are worse at a certain time of during certain actitivities. Just be vigilant for two or three days. It's really worth it. If anyone asks, tell them about your new as a Sonnet Writer. (1) You need to see Doc soon. I don't think you need anyone to tell you that. (2) Get thee to an Apothecary and purchase the Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride (generic). It's not expensive but I'm not a name brand kind of gal. Go immediately. You deserve some relief. You may get drowzy. Take 50mg at bedtime so you can sleep off some of the drowsiness. The bad news is that this may not work for long. It's designed for skin that's itchy for a reason. (3) Quit all lotions and potions. Whatever this is requires treatment from the inside out, and every time you seek relief through exterior means you might be making things work. I would quit the water too, for the same reasons. (4) It's time to call home. You will be asked all of this so you may as well have the answers. Do a medical history on both sides of your family - just the major stuff; heart, cancer, diabetes, hypertension, chronic illness. Tell your Mom you're working on a project. Don't you dare tell her you're in agony, especially since you don't know why. She will not sleep. She will fret. I will be your surrogate mother while you're going through this. It's 10:47pm EST. I will be checking back here circa midnight - 1am. I know that you will have taken the meds and started your symptom log by then. You may find this hard to believe, but the very act of taking charge, of getting the facts and handling the things you can will make you feel better. You will also have shaved off a lot of the time and energy at your Doc appointment; this energy will be passed on the your Doc and he/she will be more alert. Be assertive but polite. If a term is tossed your way, stop the interview so you can write it down, ask the doc to spell it out. In fact, politely as Doc everything. Don't walk out of there until you know you understood everything that went on. Good Luck! Go get the Benadryl (tablet form). Come on...off you go..
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  • Maybe you have a food allergy. Try seeing an allergist for help.
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