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Severe Hypertension at 25, why!?!?

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 11, 2011
  • 04:05 AM

I am a 25 year old female recently diagnosed with hypertension and I can't understand why. I just went in to my Gyno for my yearly pap smear and my bp was 200/102. She took me off my birth control and told me to see my family doctor. Went to my doctor and my bp was 210/110. She checked it like five times using both ams because she couldn't believe it was that high. They did a urine test to check my kidneys (normal) and an EKG which she said showed that my heart was enlarged so my BP must have been elevated for some time. But I go to the gyno every year for my pap smear and they always check my bp and it has always been normal before or on the low side (my family tends to have low bp, my mom, older sister and twin both run around 110/70, which is what I use to be). So apparently my BP has jumped a lot in just a year?!? I don't get it.

The doctor asked me if I had been under any stress lately and I told her that I had a really stressful job, but I quit that job in October of last year. It was really stressful though, I was having panic/anxiety attacks like three times a week there and having horrible, horrible headaches several times a week too. Since I quit my anxiety attacks have been much less frequent and I only have those headaches maybe once a week or twice at most, so much better than when I was working. Can stress really cause BP to jump that much in such a short amount of time (les than a year)?

I have no other risk factors for hypertension- I am not overweight (5'8, 145 lbs), I am vegetarian, I don't smoke or drink, I even have very little caffeine! Though I must admit I don't exercise very much (just yoga which isn't really a cardio workout).

They put me on Atenolol which brought my BP down to 180/110 and then doubled it which brought it down to 150/100. Then we added a diuretic which brought me down to 138/90 which is much better but still pretty borderline. The doctor seems pretty happy to just focus on bringing my BP down, but won't really give me much of a reason, and just says most cases of hypertension are "essential hypertension" with no known cause. But I just don't see how it can be that high when I am so young with no other factors other than stress!

can stress really cause such an increase in blood pressure? Why else would my BP be so high? I just don't get it and I'm starting to wonder if my doc is blowing me off because I don't have insurance.

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