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Severe Edema, NO help from Doctors, please help!

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  • Posted By: helpfordawn
  • July 18, 2009
  • 06:09 AM

My wife has been suffering from Edema since February 2009. It has become severe, and our collection of "so called" specialists seem to be throwing up there hands, and almost admitting they don't know why.

When this started she weighed 108 pounds, and is now 160! She has been hospitalizied twice in May and has been tested for the big 3 culprets, Heart, Liver and Kidney. She has had extensive blood tests over this peroid to exclude common problems, and as far as testing for Lupus. Ultra sounds were done on all 3 organs, EKG, and a liver biopsy to disclude autoimmune hepititus. All proved negitive. The Nephrologist wanted a kidney biopsy when her creatinine showed 1.6, but sice has dropped to 1.1. My wife was only given one kidney at birth and therefore falls into a Huge risk area for a kidney biopsy.

We just went to a teaching hospital for help and the Nephro said her kidney was fine by recent blood tests, and come back in a month! This girl is gaining about a pound a day now and doesn't have that kind of time.

Any leads or info is appreciated as we are at the end of our rope!

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  • Good Morning,Plese let me know what your wife has. I too have gained excessive weight and am trying to find a doctor to figure out what is wrong. I have been gaining a pound a day also and am now up to 160 from 130 in feb. way to much weight to gain. i am distressed and cry and cringe each time i need to get on the scale.I am going in for abdominal CT as i have abdominal and pelvic pain. I am hoping they find the cause and we can treat it.Let me know as i am stumped also and you all are not alone.Best of luck
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  • Hi folks, I am in the same boat -- I have been doing a lot of research on this far and wide and I have several ideas - one is that it can be a combination of things that cause it. Once the edema gets bad (whatever the cause) the pressure on veins from the swelling and from the extra weight can cause the veins to become insufficient. That is one thing. If there is a vein component and/or a lymphatic damage component, diosmin and hesperidin (natural bioflavonoids) have been found to help both of those problems - youtube has a video on a similar product called, Daflon 500 - it is better than what we have here because it is micronized for better absorption. The you tube video only goes into how it works on veins but if you go to the site of the French manufacturer - you will see mention of it's use for lymphedema - which, you will see if you read below, can develop (and cause much more edema) because of the damage the swelling itself causes. Also, there parasites which are easily gotten in "civilized" Western countries like the US and Europe, etc - can cause chronic infection and clog up and damage the lymph nodes and vessels - that, of course, will make it impossible for the lymph to get out of the tissues of the body and back to the heart. Modern medicine is just awful at diagnosing parasites - I could write a book on that topic. I saw a post here on another thread where a man stated that his wife's edema was, in fact, improving since taking natural antiparasite treatments. Personally, I have not found the usual approaches of that sort to help - but not all parasites respond to them. There is no doubt that parasitic infection can damage the lymphatics ! The cdc only discusses one type that they think can cause edema - wrong ! any chronic infection can damage the lymphatics and parasites are so large compared to the size of bacteria or viruses - of course they would do more damage in a short period of time. I would love to continue this but since I don't know if anyone will return to this thread, I will wait to see. May will figure this out soon. June
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  • Maybe this is your wife's problem?... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-443717/Im-allergic-modern-living.html http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-450995/The-woman-needs-veil-protection-modern-life.html Those are interesting articles but aside from her the first woman's eyelids being swollen, they don't have edema. Thank you for posting that - it is good to see how they are dealing with it. It is very likely that many people who are ill are having similar reactions to all that EM, etc.
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