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severe back problem from seizure. please help

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • August 23, 2009
  • 00:38 PM

hi everyone,
i hope someone out there can help me with my problem or maybe has had this problem and come out the other side of it. to explain: four months ago iwas admitted to hospital with a burst cyst on my ovary. the pain was excruciating and i needed pain relief every four hours. the doc had perscribed injections every four hours which i later discovered was pethedine. anyway they gave me too much and it caused me to have a grand mal seizure. i dont suffer from epilepsy although it is in my family. when i woke up from seizure i had a severe pain in my back and sternum annd found it hard to take a deep breath without pain. i just thought i had strained my muscles and it would go away. they did a laparoscopy on me that evening to remove the burst cyst and sent me home the following morning, istill had the pain but thought it would ease with time. anyway after three days the pain was so severe that i was finding it hard to breathe and was rushed back to hospital with a suspected blood cot on my lungs. i was given pain relief which eased the pain and they did their tests. the following morning iwas given the all clear that it was not a blood clot and was given anti inflammatorys and was told it was just a muscular problem. since then i have tried everything for this pain to go away chiropracer, phyisiotherapy, excercise, stretches, swimming, bed rest,doing normal things like lifting, not lifting things, and it hasnt gone away, the pain in my sternum has eased but the pain in my back is just the same. the pecular thing about this pain is this: it hurts like an ache if i have been lifting the baby, but i can deal that part during the day, its the night time pain thats the killer. i go asleep and four hours later i wake up in agony the pain is in my thoracic area t4. it starts right in the middle of my spine and sends like nerve pain shooting out around my ribs and its like electric shocks. if its a really bad attack im like parylised with the pain and cant move, which is the ironic part, because if i can get up an d move around it actually goes away. so not moving makes the pain start. and its always after rest period of four hours. i have searched the web for any kind of thoracic trauma that would hurt without movement but i cant find anything. three weeks ago i was re admitted to hospital with this same pain as i had a bad attack and could not move at all, so far they have tried me on the following meds : lyrica , valium, solpadol, tamazapzm, amytriptiline, neocontin, oxynorm, oxycontin, df118. obviously these are not in strict order and i havent been on all of these at the same time but most i've taken together. the only thing that has worked are the tramadol and df118 injections at night when the pain starts, so then i can move around and it goes away. they also injected my spine with steroids to see if that would help, but that did notheing. they now have me seeing the psychiatrist as they said its cognative behavior (in other words my mind is making this happen) i dont agree as it happens when im asleep and is worse when i lie for four hours on my side then on my back. also they found a fracture on my t4 spine which they said has healed and is unrelated, but i've never had any traume to my spine except for the seizure so i dont know how i got a fracture if its not related to the seizure and it just happens to be in the area where the pain is? sorry if this is a complicated story but im just trying to explain as it comes into my head anyway,not sure if the hospital is working entirely in my best interest at the moment because they caused the seizure in the first place? any ideas help or opinions are most welcome, thanks

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