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Severe Asthma/Pneumonia/TB

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  • Posted By: EmilyMcN
  • May 26, 2007
  • 04:29 AM

Hi Guys, you may or may not know me from "Chest pain....still"

I have one more question for you all. I have just come out of hospital this morning after having Pneumonia AND "active TB." I have a clearance from the hospital to go back to work next week, with my personal opinion of health permitting. But i'm also recovering from a bout of the common cold that almost all Melbournians are suffering from at the moment. This 'cold' has subsequently triggered off my asthma and am needing my medications far more than usual, which is normal for me. Before I went into the hospital I began having 'blackouts.' They ran tests but all came back inconclusive. At the moment it is almost winter and getting very very cold. It is not doing justice for my condition. I insisted that I was ok so that I could go home as I had been in hospital for a week.

I am currently taking copious amounts of medication for my infections/asthma and am a little worried about taking all of these at once. (I am also back on predisolone for my asthma). Any side effects I should watch out for? The only reason I am a little worried is because I live alone and I work with kids. please remember though, that my medications do not pose a risk of altered conciousness or mental ability and the specialists have allowed me to return to work if I feel I can cope with it.

Thanx guys


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  • Oy, working with kids will keep you among the whole town's viruses - take a longer break if you can. As said elsewhere, above all make sure you complete your medication for that TB, or it comes back and then it is resistant to the meds. We now have "extra resistant TB" in South Africa, it is lethal and contagious. Also sorry if I mentioned the following already:The reason behind your problems might well be a lack of water and salt. Read http://www.phenomenews.com/nov2005/0a.htm - so says a famous medical doctor and he mentions asthma specifically. Try to get Trocomare salt by Dr A. Vogel of Switzerland, in the place of "smooth flowing" salt .. Interesting story and cheap to try. This may be why marathon runners are so addicted to their running, they take plenty water and salt. My mom and I have only now tried this for some days, it works very well already.Colloidal silver (silver ions suspended in water) is by far the best against colds. See www.nutrasilver.com for a type that you can take internally. One can drink the ordinary type as well, but rather just keep a tot in the mouth for 10 minutes and spit it out. Also great for external application, dab it on. Here in ZA we brew it at home. It has proven consistently better than any med or antibiotic, for almost any problem. If it is correctly made there are no side effects. Please see http://www.tetrahedron.org/articles/colloidal_silver.html for info.Get homeopathic Resque Remedy, always required. Other homeopathic meds are often very effective against your specific problems. Remember to only take homeopathic drops (directly on the tongue) while there are no other tastes in the mouth. Try alternative therapies, visit www.naet.com to locate a therapist in your area. They are good with allergies. A traditional Chinese doctor is another great idea, see www.acufinder.com to locate one. Check your dangerous meds for side effects at www.drugs.com and www.rxlist.com - "Death" is often one side effect but as said, you have to finish the TB meds.Of course boost your immune system all you can, perhaps you already do. Add Vitamin-B12 (complex), Omega-3 (salmon oil / flax seed oil) and of Vitamin-C 1000 mg (slow release) per day. If you use supplements already, be sure not to overdo it. But you can take quite a lot of Vitamin-C and even tablespoons full of Omega-3. The best Omega-3 is kept in a freezer in the health shop, not in caps. Even cancer can be fixed by taking flax seed oil, see http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Budwig.html as well as http://www.beckwithfamily.com/Flax1.htmlColds are more frequent when we are toxic, and your meds will add to that. So, avoid heated cooking oil (cook veggies in water and flavour with unheated extra virgin olive oil) and avoid processed foods (containing hydrogenated vegetable fat, aspartame, additives etc). No margarine please, use real butter. Easy on the sugar, and NO artificial sweeteners. Be sure to include cabbage (lots) and garlic.I'm impressed with a site http://www.westonaprice.org/sitemap.html - be sure to read this one: www.westonaprice.org/soy/complaints.html whole page (!) and elsewhere http://thyroid.about.com/cs/soyinfo/a/soy.htm .. There is a lot of soy in commercial bread, and in almost everything. Since baking our own bread my folks now have far less trouble (and nice real bread).
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