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Severe and Excruciating abdominal pain

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  • Posted By: Wickedaj87
  • March 8, 2011
  • 07:36 PM

Okay here's the facts.
I'm female. 118 lbs. White. 23. No intercourse for over a year. Had a left nephrectomy in Sept. of 2010 (The entire Kidney removed due to a birth defect of a narrowed ureter causing the tissue to die and the kidney to no longer retain function. Because of this I am numb on the left side of my stomach. There were no complications during or following surgery.)
On friday 3-4-2011 evening I was stuck with severe pain in my upper and middle stomach and nausea. Went to the ER in my county. They performed a CT scan with no contrast, blood tests and urine tests. They came to the conclusion that it MIGHT be gallstones but couldn't test for it until Monday because they did not have equipment. Sent me home with Antinausea meds and vicoden.
Saturday evening, pain severly worsened and became crippling. Located from upper center to entire right stomach now. Was carried into the neighboring county ER this time. Performed Blood tests, urine tests, and this time CT scan with Contrast. Nurse noted Mild Free Fluid in the pelvic region and came to the conclusion that Perhaps had a ruptured ovarian cyst But the CT scan cut off before the Uterusand ovaries so couldn't be sure. Sent me home with Percocet and Follow up orders to an OB/GYN.
Sunday remained in severe pain and on constant medication. Too nausous to eat properly.
Monday, still in pain, went to Gallstones ultrasound. Sent me home with copy of disc but no diagnosis or results (?).
Tuesday, went to OB/GYN local clinic for Followup from 2nd ER visit. Showed them all of my papers including Disc of gallstones ultrasound. They performed only a PAP smear (Why?) and was negative. Told me all my blood work, urine samples, CT scans and even Gallbladder ultrasound came out clean. Could find no relative reason behind my pain. Gave me broad spectrum antibiotics to treat unknown factor. Told me to come back in 1 week if pain still present for a Pelvic ultrasound, otherwise they saw no need.
Upset and desperate went to Urologist I've been seeing for checkups on my Sept. Surgery, repeated basic tests, they could not find any diagnosis from their end that could be found with their practice. Dr suggested that because of where my pain is located it is most likely Ovaries and I should try to get a Pelvic exam.
At home now... in pain, lost and frustrated.

The pain is a sharp stabbing like feeling and sometimes comes and goes parts of my stomach feel like this while the right side, away from the middle feels like its burning. Can someone PLEASE help me? I dont know what to do, I can't lie down, I cant move around with out it hurting! Im stuck sitting around and in order to get what litttle sleep i can, Im on the couch with pillows around me sitting up in the corner.

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