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severe abdominal pain

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  • Posted By: westTXgirl
  • December 31, 2009
  • 04:30 AM

Basically, I am 28 years old and I feel like an 80 year old woman.... can anyone help???

Personal info:
Caucasian Female
28 years old
150 lbs
I don't drink alcohol
Smoke 1 pack of cigs per day
No drugs
I don't work around chemicals
I don't live in poverty conditions
Normal diet - love fruits, vegetables, starches, and meat
Married in a monogamous relationship

Current meds:
Elavil - for anxiety

Here is my history:
Gallbladder out at 12 years old - over 20 gallstones up to a nickel in size
Monuecleosis at 13 years old - my liver enzymes still elevate when I have cold or flu
1 live birth (born 5 weeks premature without obvious cause)
Sinus surgery at 14
IUD that unexplained perforated my uterus and landed near my ovaries - 3 months ago
Severe diarhea my entire life

Family history:
Maternal grandparents: Adult onset diabetes
Father and paternal grandfather - chronic diarrhea their entire lives
Father - cardiac arrest due to electrical malfunction in brain - then stroke at age 54, is living but requires 24/7 care, also had gallstones and Hepatitis A
Mother has thyroid issues
Daughter suffers from unexplained chronic constipation (encopresis +something else unknown that we are in the process of testing for)

Symptoms (some may seem unrelated but I just decided to list everything):
Severe upper abdominal pain (right in the center where my ribs start)
Most of the time it is a dull aching pain but a few times a day it gets sharp like a knife
Pain has been on and off for 11 years, but only in the past month has gotten VERY severe (as painful as childbirth and gallstones) - it is not related to types of food/times eaten and there is no pattern as to time of day that it gets worse
Pain in my joints and muscles - seems to get worse in afternoons and evenings
Major lower back pain - seems to get worse in afternoons and evenings
Chronic fatigue - regardless of amount of sleep
Chronic insomnia - regardless of how tired I am
Painful menstrual cycles
Strong vaginal odor (within the past month - no infection)
Ankle that won't heal from sprain (looks black and blue all the time and is very painful)
Numbness in two of my teeth and roof of mouth (started tonight)
Chronic diarrhea - 5-6 times per day... have to plan when and where I can go based on availability of bathrooms
Feel full really fast - used to be able to eat a lot, now I am full after only a few bites
Distended tummy - I've been gaining weight quickly and it's all in my tummy, I look like I'm 6 months pregnant, but I'm not

Here is the testing I've had done:
Colonoscopy - normal appearance - normal biopsy
Endoscopy - normal appearance - normal biopsy
Basic blood work (GI doctor ordered) - normal
Stool testing - no blood, no weird worms or parasites
Liver enzymes - high one night but went down quickly and I had the flu, every few years gets high when I am sick
Hepatitis Test - negative
Urine tests - had blood for a few weeks but then went away with no explanation
Ultrasound - negative for stones and normal appearance
No gluten allergy
Not lactose intolerant
Pregnancy test - negative & husband is sterile

Does anyone have an idea or thoughts on what tests might be beneficial? The doctors just keep referring me to someone else. Went from ER to PCP to GYN to Gastroenterologist. Still under GI care but I'm worried he is ready to give up on me.

Any thoughts are greatly appreciated!

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