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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • January 4, 2008
  • 09:03 AM

I am a male caucasian 18 years of age. I have been previosly diagnosed with chronic bronchitis and have always been prone to nosebleeds. Mental illness (schizophrenia being the most prevalent) has been present in my mothers side of the family, and parkinsons disease has afflicted individuals in her side as well. Cancer was the cause of death of my grandmother and aunt on my fathers side. Both my parents abused illegal substances (everything from shooting heroin amongst other oppiates to amphetamine abuse and a very wide range of dissociatives, this list is by no means complete) I have had sleeping problems from 5th grade to this day. From a young age I have had slight tremors. They are always occuring, most noticibly in my fingers, they are slight, but they are there and continuous. They are greatly aggravated by stressfull, or uncomfortable situations, especially ones that place me in public view (such as a performance). Just two months ago these tremors rose to a seizurlike level for a period of a few minutes. I attempted to control and stop them, but the convulsions overwhelmed me. Also, my sensitivity to cold temperatures seems to be greater than other individuals, and this has been noticed since I was in elementary school. I do not know if it is related, but I have also have small red dots that resemble spider or insect bites, but they are definitley not. At the moment I have found two of them, located on my wrists (one on each.) Their location on my wrists is similar, but not exact. They have been present for at least two months, but it is possible that they have been there for much much longer (Upwards of a year, I wasn't particularly allarmed by them at first). I also have other strange skin markings that are not the same as these dots. They are flat, and blood red colored. I cannot remember the first time I noticed them, but it was at least several (6) months ago. From the age of 15 through my present age I have come in and out of bouts of mild to severe depression. Durring these times my thoughts become extremely irrational. (Contemplating the murder\torture of other individuals, placing other individuals in humiliating and degrading situations, and almost a complete loss of moral compass) I have never acted on these thoughts. Again, I do not know if this following is related. Since the begining of November this year I have had been seing a spot in my field of vision. It seems to be white in color with a possible dark radius, but this is hard to determine as I can never look directly at it. When I attempt to focus on it, it moves in the direction that I looked towards in order to focus on it which causes me to follow it arround my field of vision without it being possible to focus on it directly. It does not obstruct my sight to a problematic level. Shortly after this vision problem I developed a bladder infection (which is very rare in males of my age, or so the doctor said) which was treated with an antibiotic. I do not know if this can cause a bladder infection, but the week before I began to exhibit symptoms of the bladder infection I was in a situation where I was unable to urinate for a period of two hours, when I felt the need to. Shortly before I entered high school I began developing problems with my ability to urinate, sometimes being unable to release any fluid despite an overwhelming feeling of needing to urinate. Right arround the time that the siezure situation I mentioned at the begining of this post occured I began having major difficulty in social situations. I can't really articulate what the problem is, but the closest I can come to describing it is confusion as to why people do the things they do. When I attempt to concentrate on this problem I become extremely paranoid thinking that everyone I know (boss, other employees, long term friends, when I think to see a psychiatrist about the paranoia I begin to think that they cannot be trusted either.) The other side to this paranoia is that I feel I only bring harm to other people, although I do everything I can to help people, even when I know I am being taken advantage of. Aside from this particular mental issue, I also go through very quick periods of no self confidence to full self confidence. I have displayed very erratic and unusual behaviour that I have no explanation for because it appears natural at the time, and only later to wonder why. Although this last symptom I've described may be a common accurance, I assure you that this behaviour does not fit into that same category. I am writing this because very few things are making sense, and I am becoming increasingly worried about this. I am in the process of making a doctors appointment but it would be much more financially feasable to wait a few months before doing so, and I am looking to see if I should take more immediate action and if anyone has any idea what could be causing these symptoms. My initial concern was the increasing tremors, but I can't ignore these behavioral issues and other physical problems. Any help of any kind is appreciated greatly.

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