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serious problems for a year

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  • Posted By: EarthMaiden
  • May 3, 2007
  • 07:05 AM

I have been expierencing a really rough time with doctors.

1. In november of 2005 i had a c-section

2. i noticed the left side of my stomach was enlarged a few months later (march of 2006)

3. i started expierencing pain in july of 2006, but only when i stretched or did alot of extraneous things.

4. the pain got really bad after i did a front hand spring (i know what am i thinking.. lol) but it started to hurt me really badly...

5. i went to the hospital, they decided it was a hernia and that the surgery clinic at their hospital would be able to fix it.

6. the doctors gave me a huge run around, even did surgery and did not find anything except for gastritis during a endoscopy and a colonoscopy. (they also found pre-cancerous pollips in my intestine which they took out and i will get another test done in a year or so)

now to describe the symptoms...

1. pain in the left abdomen, about one inch below and a few centemeters to the left of my belly-button... it is reoccuring and persistant. it feels really sharp at times and like my stomach is ripping at the seams right there... also hurts when i lie down on my right side. the pain does not move. it is in one spot.

2. nausea every day. throwing up 7+times a week(without stomach medicine), not eating much, can never eat full portions.

3.i get chills sometimes and have persistant problems with temperature changes.. but they seem inner and not outer...

4. bowel problems.. the pain in my abdomen worsens when i try to use my stomach mussles or tighten them..also my stools are either tiny and hard to move, dark green and hard to move, or diarreah (accompanied with really bad nausea)

im not sure what to think here, as the doctors have done the following tests

cat scan of my abdomen... ultrasound of my female organs... obgyn exam, colposcopy and endoscopy, laproscopy

what do i do? any thoughts? suggestions? help? ive been reading through your forums and decided its long overdue to search the web with this issue.

thank you in advance.

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  • all of your sx are at www.ahummingbirdsguide.com I'm being tested now for it...there are hundreds on this site alone with ME sx...PLEASE check it out...if the hummingbird site is confusing, google Myalgic Encephalomyelitis I'm a nurse and have had sx for 4 years...For 7 mos been to countless dr's found one the other day who listened...bout time...Good Luck and God Bless...mommy cat
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  • actually.. while i appreciate it...this does not sound a thing like i am dealing with...does anyone else have any ideas?im not tired all the timeonly nausea and the pain really...
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  • When did the chills, nausea and bowel problems start? Before or after the pain? If you did NOT have a hernia, then what did they do during surgery? I don't mean for this to sound scary, but is there a possibility anything was "left in" during your c-section? Was it a transverse or mid-line section? Also, can't hernia's "disappear" sometimes upon examination? Could it be adhesions from the c-section? And did they look at this during the "hernia" surgery? I know there are some women whose abdominal muscles separate after/during preg., but this is very rare and does not explain your other symptoms. I had pain on the L, R and above my belly button, that localized eventually to my appendix. I had chronic appendicitis. I was nauseaus a few months beforehand (lost 10 pounds in one month due to the nausea). Eventually, I could feel the pain pretty bad in my LR abdomen whenever we hit a pothole in the car. It was then, that the McBurney's point became tender and I had rebound pain. Now that I am writing this....and I doubled checked McBurney's point....you have all the symptoms of appendicitis. It took about 6 weeks to diagnose and since it wasn't acute (but still painful), it was considered "elective" surgery. Go to this site and double check your symptoms: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/appendicitis/DS00274/DSECTION=2. Also, my blood tests never revealed anything to make the Dr.'s think I had appendicitis. The Radiologist that performed a spur of the moment barium enema guessed it. It turned out that my appendix would not "fill" with the barium. AND it turned out my appendix had 3 "fingers" instead of one! It was difficult to get to according to the surgeon. As I read your post again, I see you describe your stools as tiny....sometimes something called a "fecolith" (ball of stool that is very hard....like a pea or pebble) can get stuck in your appendix. Good luck and let me know how it turns out....it sounds similar to what I experienced with my chronic appendicitis to me.
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  • Dear Earth Maiden...several people have initially written and said this wasn't their problem...after a second look, several have written back saying they are taking info to dr.s...PLEASE NOTE: you do not have to be tired all the time...it is a general misconception...one I believed for years until my research brought me here...There is something caclled Agitated Exhaustion(tired but wired) I live it every day there are days I'm tired...there are days healthy people are tired...not to mention I don't sleep well due to vivid nightmares (every night) and pain/discomfort...PLEASE reconsider...read "Contagious joint pain" and "It;s a mystery until we solve it" perhaps these will shed some light...This is very serious and I'm not here trying to blow smoke up everyone's butts...I'm a nurse, a patient, and a scared little girl...Be Well...mommy cat
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  • hey guys...mommycat... thank you for caring.. im sure that people do suffer from this but the reason why i say that i doubt this is what it is..my stomach pain came first and it has remained in the same exact spot.. my left abdomen near the bellybutton. its not really tender to touch and alot of times it feels better to hold it in place, espcially when i cough or sneeze or anything like that.the nausea came after the pain.. but i think the doctors attributed gastritis to be the problem... (although i had never had a problem with the nausea until recently which is strange to me)but the pain has been the exact same for months... ALSO V52...id believe it that the doctors messed up my c-section... i didnt want to have one anyway... its one of the horizontal lines.. but my pain is further away from it than i would expect...i doubt that this is appendicitis due to the fact that the doctors supposidly looked at all my organs and decided that there was nothing they could see wrong... T.T (this includes adhesions.. which is weird.. because i cannot believe that after a c-section that you would have NO SCAR TISSUE???!!?)the pain is sharp and it hurts to sit up and to move.. it feels like my stomach is ripping...ive never heard of hernias hiding.. but thats something to think about... i guess it all really boils down to going to better doctors who treat me with respect and treat the problem.thanks so much guys...still searching... :-\
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