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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • July 8, 2013
  • 06:25 AM

ive been posting to a few health forums but never got a reply and i cant see a doctor right now because my mum will need to come with me and she wont believe me. i am an 18 year old girl whom is mega confused!!

ever since i can remember since i was young ( 10 years oldish) ive had these episodes that lasts for 10seconds-3 minutes and i never thought they were abnormal i thought it was just a normal process and i had never voiced my concerns. only recently i had a big episode in comparison to my 20 second space outs or whatever they are called. ususally what happens is when im at home ( always happens when im at home) i tend to get this deja vu feeling before it happens and its a way that i know they are about to happen. after this feeling goes i become over whelmed with this emotion which i cant recall up until recently where i wrote down what i was feeling during one because i never remember what the emotion is after the episode i only know that its terrifying and i think its just fear. usually this emotion intensifies and then visual memories happen, i never hallucinate but instead i get these visual memories that are forced into my head i cant recall it because i completely forget it and its frustrating because when i explain it to people i am unable to because i don't remember most of it. i just feel unnatural or robotic my thought processes are displaced and everything i do just becomes completely awkward. ive never spoken during one of them so im not too sure if it has an effect on my speech but im trying to attempt it next time it happens.

i get them every month or so and i had a small one today and absolutely freaked out about it and i dont remember it. ive had it since i was 10 maybe? im 18 now and i would like to know if people agree with what i think it is. also im interested if headaches have anything to do with them? ive had problems with migraines but i never saw that it could be related because i thought these episodes were normal. the night before one of these episodes i had really bad headaches that were off and on and i woke up with them too and then i had the episode and then my headaches intensified afterwards!

it would be great if someone with experience on this topic could please reply because i have posted on various forums and i haven't got a single reply and i've been looking up on this and its starting to scare the **** out of me.

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  • I have recently started reading a lot about how our brain works and I got to know even deja vu can be a seizure! I used to get them a lot too and I have heard many who have such episodes. I guess many symptoms are normal as well as manifestation of a serious disease. Since you have had them for 8 years I doubt it's something serious. In any case, you should visit a doctor, a GP or a neurologist and confirm. There are too many symptoms and its all too complicated!
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