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Seizures, Memory Loss, Blind Spots, What's Going on?

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  • Posted By: ganiggle
  • March 18, 2011
  • 09:33 AM

My boyfriend is a type 1 diabetic who has, for the last several years, been experiencing seizures in his sleep, short term memory loss, blind spots in his vision, and overall poor ability to concentrate.

What's been done: He's been to several doctors including a neurologist who ordered an MRI and an EEG, both came back clean. The MRI showed no tumors and the EEG didn't show any signs of epilepsy.

Seizures: They tend to happen around once a week more or less, and at random times. We haven't yet found out what "triggers" them. They are tonic clonic seizures which last from 1-1.5 minutes. Usually there is only one seizure but a few times there have been 3 in one night. They don't appear to be caused by his blood sugars being low as I tested him after the last few seizures and he was within normal range. The seizures have been going on since approximately 2003 but he was unaware of how frequently they happened until I moved in.

Memory Loss: His short term memory is awful. Some days it's better than others but he struggles to remember things that happened yesterday sometimes, and has even struggled to remember where our parking spot is when we get home sometimes. His long term memory is fine, he can remember the finest details of something that happened 15 years ago, but often can't remember last week.

Blind Spots: He describes it as dark spots in his peripheral vision. He's been to several optometrists and nothing is physically wrong with his eyes. He used to wear glasses but his eyes were corrected with laser eye surgery. The blind spots were there both before and after the surgery, and have been slowly getting worse over the last 7 or so years.

He has type 1 diabetes which was diagnosed when he was 21 (he's 27 now) and his A1C's are generally within a normal range. However, his diabetes isn't managed all that well, as he has extreme highs and lows every day. I read hypoglycemia can cause seizures and to test it, I tested his blood immediately after his last few seizures and his blood glucose was within normal range.

We were thinking it might be diet related and so have been trying different diets. We tried the gluten free diet but only for 2 weeks as he found i hard to stick to the diet when buying food at work. Currently we have started him on the low glycemic index/low carb diet to help more easily manage the diabetes.

Doctors seem to have given up on finding a cause for the seizures, but have him put on a drug called valproic acid, which is supposed to minimize the seizures. He's been on it for around 6 months and the seizures still happen quite frequently. At this point we're looking for any suggestions or information that could help us finally get a proper diagnoses of why this is happening to him. We're expecting a baby in August and don't want to have to worry about health problems while we're enjoying our first child.

Any ideas?

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  • Adrenalin is trigered when a person has a Seizure which in turn raises blood sugar, so if you thest after his Seizure the # will be scewed. If your husband tests his sugar before bed and he is less then 90 he should have a snack 50% starch 50% protein of 100 calories could be a 4 or 5 crackers with penut butter or cheese, retest in the morning to make sure that the snack has not pused him too high, high for me in the morning is 140 or more, it may be different for him.
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