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  • Posted By: RhondaWaters
  • April 25, 2008
  • 07:57 PM

I am a 57 year old female who has been plagued for a lifetime with a lack of mental clarity, chronic lethergy, and constipation. As an adult I suffer from severe insomnia. Occasionally the symptoms will subside and my mind will "clear" long enough to give me a glimpse of what life could be without these debilitating symptoms. I am being treated for depression and the drugs are certainly better than nothing but I feel only the the symptoms are being treated, not the underlying cause. MY TSH levels and other routine blood panels are normal. I am wondering if anyone else who suffers from these symptoms may have stumbled across a correct diagnosis.


Rhonda Waters

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  • Dear Rhonda,I feel your pain. I too was plagued with 15 years of chronic lethergy, brain fog, memory loss, weight gain without ability to loose, hair falling out, constipation, and the list just keeps going... I have hypothroridism and was taking a synthetic harmone for the last 15 years but was only getting 1 of the harmones I needed. I found a doc on the net that perscribed alternative harmone called Armour Thyroid. I have also been diagnosed wit) Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, & B-12 insufficient. I was perscribed PROVIGIL (wonderful energy boosting, awake feeling) drug. Also Cymbalta for depression, muscle aches and both Cymbalta and Provigil have side ellects of weight loss. I feel better than I have since my 20's. Oh, and my TSH was normal too. Find you a doctor that will treat your symptoms and not go exclusivily by bood test (within normal limits) junk. I got the name of my doc from about.com Top thyroid docs. Hope this helps you.Carole E.Poodledoodle
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  • Have they checked your thyroid antibodies? These can be elevated even if hormones are normal and could indicate a thyroiditis or even Hashimoto's encephalopathy, which is what i have been diagnosed with after years of being reassured my thyroid was okay because my thyroid hormones were okay.Best Wishes.
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  • It does appear that we have a lot in common. You didn't say whether or not you suffer from insomnia. I too have many other symptoms such as hair loss, including body hair and the outer third of my eyebrows. My feet and hands are always cold and I experience cramps in my calves and feet. I take lunesta for insomnia and cymalta for depression and muscle aches but the cymbalta elevates my blood pressure and makes the constipation worse. This week I ordered a supplement called "constant focus" for mental clarity. I'm hoping it won't make the insomnia worse. Do you suggest seeking and appointment with an endocrinologist or a thyroid specialist? Thank you for sharing your medical history with me. I'm so glad that you found answers and feel so much better after 15 years of struggling. Your experience is an inspiration. Rhonda waters
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  • Dearest Rhonda, Please DO NOT take the doctors word for it when it comes to your thyroid levels. I have had all your symptoms and more right down to losing the outter part of my eyebrows (actually this is a symptom of long time hypothyroidism). You should not have a TSH level over 3. Anything close to 3 is not good either. You need to ask to have these tests done and post your results here: TSHFree T3Free T4Anti-TPOTRAS Wikipedia describes my early and late symptoms, and helped me realize that I needed to take the matter into my own hands: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hypothyroidism Good luck, Kiera
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