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  • Posted By: kimmber72
  • March 9, 2009
  • 11:08 AM

My 8 yr. old son has had a skin issue since the past July he had a nodule\blister like place on the top of his foot almost looked as if you glued it on at the same time he also had a slight fever and swollen lymph in the left side of his neck. We visited the Dr. she ordered blood work and it revealed what she called a high level of the Epstien Barr Virus he complained a few days later with stomach pain and was sent for exrays to check the size of his spleen she treated with Amoxcillin and said the bump was some type of bite or chiggers. The bump was flesh colored, and had an indenture in the top with what looked to be tiny pearl like beads inside. After a couple of weeks we returned to Dr to have another look at the bump and were reffered to a dermatologist
who diagnosised him with Molloscum and gave him Keflex and cream for the bump which had become itchy, not irritated or red just itchy and said it would go away on its own and could take along time possible a year. Six months later in Jan. 09 the nodule\ bump became red and irritated and warm to the touch, once again we were back to see DR. this time she was simply trying to rule out any possibility of staph and treated with Bactrim and anti bacterial cream (otc). Prior to rupturing the bump was the size of a small pea, with in two days of rupturing another appeared looked slightly different it was red and warm to the touch (looked like the first bump did right before it reptured) 3 days later were off to see DR once again this time upon on looking at the bump she diagnosied a spider bite but right next to th bump you could plainly see another forming starts out like a pimple she told me that it was something different and treated him with Keflex and we were to return in 2 weeks and its 4 days later and here we are with yet another mystery bump and today he says his left lymph area (neck) is sore it dosnt seem swollen just sore. The bumpe started ontop of his foot and are about 1/8 1/4 inches apart the seem to be forming in a diaganol line across the top of foot.At the last visit she brought up his Epstien Bar being high and asked if he was having joint pain which he has had from time to time and I was told it was nothing more than growing pains in (in the shin area and fore arm\elbow area)I have read so much info trying to find out what is going on with my son that I am going crazy it could be so many things. Please Helppppppppp

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  • It sounds as if it's spreading,right?I would be concerned about methicillin-resistant Staph aureus.It need to be cultured as does his anterior nares(front of his nose)because many people carry Staph in their noses.I can't explain the lymph node so far away from this infection,but if it doesn't go away,it needs to be biopsied.
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  • So the last skin nodule has finally ruptured and 8 days later we are back at square one with a fever of 102.3 and two swollen lymph nodes on the neck, one under the jaw and one on the back of the neck on the other side. He has a headache slight sore throat when he swallows (on the side with swollen node under jaw) and complaining of dizziness and achy hip joints near the genital area. Doctor gave him bactrim to rule out MRSA at the last visit. I am going to ask for bloodwork tomorrow. I am begining to get worried it might be something serious. Any suggestion other than what I have listed above, on what to ask the doc. to look for will be greatly appericated.
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  • -How long has it been since the first bumb appeared?-Prior to the onset of the first bumb: what animals did he have contact with? Had he been swimming in any non-chlorinated body of water (lake, ocean, untreated pool, etc...)? Had he or anyone close to him been out of the country? Had he handled any fish or other marine life?
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