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Searching for an answer...my doctor's stumped

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  • Posted By: ladywolfsong
  • July 27, 2010
  • 01:56 AM

Hello. I'm a 36 year old female who has been struggling with not feeling well for several months. My doctor has run a bunch of tests and is "confused", she's considering chalking it all up to *anxiety*. My symptoms started around the beginning of the year with chest pain and fatigue. After a couple months, the sharp chest pain subsided into pressure, right in the center of my chest. It only happens, like most of my symptoms, when I do too much: mopping the floor, grocery shopping. I will list all the symptoms I am troubled with, but I do not have every symptom at once or all the time.
Diarrhea (have had this for a year and a half. Started with my Lithium dose being too high, now that it is at therapeutic level, this is less but still there often)
Tremor (again began with Lithium, worsens the more tired I get)
Fatigue (sometimes crushing, cannot go further)
Lightheaded/dizzy (the more I do, the worse it gets)
Feeling like I'm going to pass out
Swelling in hands and feet
Sleeping heavier (having a harder time falling asleep even though I'm tired, but then feeling like I've been deeply asleep or slept for a long time when I wake up)
Constant thirst/dry mouth (related to my meds I'm sure)
Frequent urination (feeling the need to pee every half hour, even when sleeping...I'm sure tied to the need to drink)
Occasional shortness of breath
Occasional blue tint to fingernails
Joint pain (doesn't happen often, seems to only happen when I'm lying in bed, every joint, hurts and sometimes burns for a few minutes, then subsides)

The meds I take are Lithium Carbonate 600MG in am, 300MG in pm; Celexa 40MG in am; Levothyroxine 88 MCG in am; Geodon 120 MG in pm; Vistaril 50 MG in am, 50 MG in pm; Prazosin 4 MG in pm; Periactin 8 MG in pm; a multivitamin, and 1000MG Fish Oil

The tests I've had include multiple blood tests (CBC, Lithium level, TSH), a Holtor monitor, a chest xray, a stress echocardiogram, a head CT, a pulmonary function test, a fasting glucose test as well as home testing to see if maybe my blood sugar was running low, wearing a pulse ox while walking up and down the hallway twice...
I'm confused, frustrated, worried...it's not "just anxiety"...something isn't right! I do have anxiety issues, but I have had them most of my life and they've never caused me to feel faint and have to sit down on the floor in the middle of the store because I really thought I might pass out! :(

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