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scared to death

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • April 14, 2007
  • 04:30 AM

I am a 28 yrs old male and I have marble sized lump on my testicle. There are times when it feels like there is a string that runs from my belly button to the end of my penis and it feels very tight and painful on both ends. Does anyone have any idea of what this could be? I know I need to go to the doctors, but I would like an idea of what it could be before I go. Thank to all.

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  • It could be a tumor, or it could be a sperm-related inflamation. You're far younger than the average age for testicular cancer, so it's probably a spermatocele or epididymitis or even a hydrocele. Go to a doctor immediately though. It could also be an ingunial hernia- I've had them before. It's when the intestine lining tears and the intestines fall into your testicle(s). That could be why you feel like there is a worm. Does the lump go away if you are lying flat on your back? If there is pain and you have a hernia, it might mean the intestine is twisted which could become life threatening and you should go to an ER promptly.
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  • When I was about 2 years younger than you, I had symptoms that I thought were definitely cancer. So I didn't go to the doctor. I was such a dork. Well, it turned out to be a polyp in my colon, and it broke open, and I was bleeding internally, and had to go in for emergency surgery, which is never a safe as planned surgery, so of course there were complications.If your doctor has Saturday hours, go today. If not, but the pain increases, or our temperature goes up, or the area turns red, go to the ER. If you are really OK, just freaked out by having a lump on your scrotum, wait it out, but GO on Monday. Don't wait any longer. What I learned back then (I'm 43 now) is that by waiting, I turned something pretty boring, into something dangerous. My father did the same trick when he was 62. Had a lump, wouldn't check it out for a year. He died at 66 from what should have been a totally easily cured cancer.The answer before mine looks excellent, and I think the idea that it could be some kind of herniated something (a tear in your insides somewhere that is letting fluid or something into your scrotum) which is pretty easy to fix if taken care of right away, and can become a huge, life-threatening problem if you don't, or could just become a much bigger problem. If it showed up pretty fast (like overnight or faster) and then stopped getting bigger, that is probably what it is.If it showed up slowly, that is more worrisome. Go see a doctor between today and Monday, and write back and let us know what they say.In the mean time, don't lift anything or do anything at all strenuous. IF it is a hernia of some sort, that could make it tear more. Also, don't drink any alcohol. IF it is an infection, alcohol can make it worse.Good luck,Shula
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  • The person who said you were generally too young for testicular cancer was absolutely wrong-you're too young for prostate cancer, BUT testicular cancer is a young man's disease. The good news, easily treated via surgery, easily diagnosed,and no impact on your abilty to attain an erection or father children. But go to a doctor ASAP-early treatment and early detection is the secret to sucessful cancer stories. I'm not a cancer victem myself, but I am an RN, and, in my not so distant younger days, I dated two young men who were testicular cancer survivors-one triumpantly informed me that that was why they called him "Uno!!" It could be a cast of other things-go to a doctor-the worst is not knowing!
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