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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • May 1, 2008
  • 05:57 PM

I have a 19 year old brother who has been suffering for almost 10 years. No doctors are diagnosing him or helping him or realy care. They have had him on over 100 medications over the past almost 10 years and on three or four different types at a time. They are using him as a test rat and if they don't find out whats really wrong with him instead of just doping him up to be a zombie, he's going to die of liver failure rather than his own illness.
He has visions and hears voices and has tried to commit suicide three times. He paces around, constantly wants to go somewhere, bobs his head, has to listen to music at all times with headphones, twittles his fingers, drools and so much more. He has even choaked my mom and then snapped out of it and scared that he did that but the voices told him too. He has violent visions and voices telling him to kill the people he loves. We do not know whats wrong with him. Now we found out he is getting headaches wtih these symptoms. We can not figure out what is wrong with him and he has Medi-cal so alot of the time the insurance denies good help or good doctors do'nt want that Insurance. We need to find my brother the right doctor or right symptoms to make him better. Please, if anybody can help, email me at lisa_f_quintana@yahoo.com with any suggestions. Thank You

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  • I am so sorry to hear of your brother's problems. It sounds a lot like it may be schizophrenia. Since it has been 10 years already with symptoms, it likely is not a brain tumor. Only a CT scan or MRI could rule that out though. Please go to a good county medical center and demand that the docs get him stabilized. Good luck.
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  • This sounds exactly like a mental illness. Quit going to doctors and take him to a psychologist. (NOT A PSYCHIATRIST) (spelling?)They will only prescribe him meds. (which he does need..but not with a 10 minute evaluation)Obviously your brother is very very mentally sick and needs to get professional help ASAP.He probably has some form of a dissoactive disorder....or schizophrenia...Sorry to hear that, but doctors aren't going to do anything.
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  • I disagree. Your brother needs a good psychiatrist. He may very well need medication. The difference between a psychologist & a psychiatrist is that a pyschiatrist is a medical doctor who can prescribe medications. A psychologist has a Masters degree in psychology, but not a medical degree, and cannot prescribe medications.
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  • true but a psychiatrist isn't going to listen to all his problems or symptoms...they're quick to jump to conclusions...either way see SOMEONE. this is clearly mental illness
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  • Has he been evaluated for schizophrenia and other causes of psychosis, such as psychosis that comes with severe depression?One very little known cause of both psychosis and headaches is something called hashimoto's encephalopathy. It is diagnosed by checking thyroid antibodies- even if hormones are normal. One reason to get checked for it is that it is treated differently than other psychoses- it can rapidly get better with steroids, whereas other causes of psychoses are generally treated with antipsychotics.Best Wishes.Sorry you are going through this.
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