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Scared of what is happening to me

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  • Posted By: wpbabydoll
  • January 2, 2007
  • 05:05 AM

Hi. First of all, I pray for everyone on this site. It is apparent that there are many who suffer from various ailments and it is comforting to know that there is a place we can all go to share our feelings with others who will not criticize, or turn away from our symptoms. God be with us all.

I wrote in last week about an eyelid problem I am having. I know this sounds trivial, but believe me it is not. It has been going on for over 3 months now. Seems to be getting worse. My right eyelid began feeling as if it was "pulling" from the inner corner up toward the eyebrow. It was mainly at night when tired, but happened every night. I tried to ignore it and sometimes it would seem to work, and after a good night's sleep it would go away for a little while. But then I noticed it coming back more frequently. My right eyebrow looks like I am purposely pulling it upward while the left eyelid looks normal for a woman of 50. Shhhhh. Now the eyelid, itself often feels heavy all the way to the outer corner and yet doesn't look like it is drooping, but still looks "different" from the other eye. It drives me crazy and there is no getting away from it. I also noticed today that underneath the eye is a slight twitch that doesnt' stop. The skin around the eye feels funny too, as if it is dried out or something, yet it is not. I am afraid it may be something serious causing this. My doctor is testing me for thyroid problems, and lyme disease right now. She has also run a battery of bloodwork for a lipid panel, metabolic panel, CBC, etc. As much as I hope to find a solution, I am also afraid it may be something serious. Last week someone wrote to me here suggesting Myestenia gravis (sp). I read up on this and it can be very scary as well as treatable if more localized.

Is there anyone out there who has had anything like this? Will it ever go away or is there a treatment? I already suffer from anxiety and panic disorder, have for most of my life. It doesn't take much to bring it on again, especially with this. I'm thankful for my kids who bring me so much joy that it temporarily takes my mind off this. I also have a wonderful husband who tries so hard to be there for me, yet it's hard for him to deal with me right now about thsi. I feel so silly complaining or whining about it, and if I knew it wasn't anything to be concerned about without a doubt, I could probably live with the inconvenience of it. It's the not knowing that really gets to a person.

Well, sorry for the long letter. Last time I posted anything it came up without my screen name. Now it's there so feel free to write me, please. I am here for anyone else who needs someone to listen to them as well. And again, my prayers are here for all of you.

Thank you.

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  • have you had any nerve tests done? A friend of mine had bells palsy some years back and seemed to completely recover, then she had something similar to what you are describing, she ended up having a paralysis of one of her facial nerves. But I think this may have been because of the bells palsy, but still worth a look into. Hope you feel better soon.
    kitty k 31 Replies
    • January 2, 2007
    • 05:24 AM
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  • Shingles? just a thought.
    Anonymous 42789 Replies
    • January 5, 2007
    • 08:03 AM
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  • :) Greetings, & welcome to the forum, and yes it is a great place to share ones feelings. I feel as you do; comfortable to be with folks that have also felt comfort in being here. Life is wonderful knowing that we have a comforter in ***********t, The Son Of The Living God. For it is in Him and through Him we have our very excistence. Please take hold of Him and His wonderful promises, and claim them for your own. May you find the peace that He so graciously offers each and every one.
    hogndog 426 Replies
    • January 5, 2007
    • 10:00 AM
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  • I have had similar symptoms for 3 weeks now and the ER doctor and the Neurologist can't quite diagnose me. All I have been told is what it isn't. Doc wants to set up an MRI next. Meanwhile I wear sunglasses when I go out to alleviate the stares and the questions. Bon
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  • Mom has same problem and hers is related to dehydration. When she starts getting the tremmor she increases her water intake (not sodas or juice) and about 3 days later it is better. It is worth a try.Stress can also trigger spasms around the eye so in addition to the above and continuing to search for a medical cause you might increase what ever works for you to decrease your stress level.I hope that it is something this simple and fixable.Good Luck and God Speed
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  • I am so surprised to see that there are still people out there who care even after all the time that has passed. I didn't get too much of a response to my thread, so I pretty much gave up. My doctor suggested the same thing as most of you, to alleviate stress in my life and get more rest and exercise. I have done both, and try to drink more water. My eye is much better now, although it is still not right. I know the nerve is somehow out of whack in it, but am so thankful that it has "relaxed" and isn't so noticeable anymore, that I thank God. He is the reason it has gotten so much better. I finally got to the end of my rope and no one really seemed to care, that's when I realized "He" would. I got on my knees and prayed. I swear, almost immediately it began to subside. And like I said, it is not 100% better, but I'll take what I can get. I'm almost myself again. Thank you to all who responded. You remain in my prayers. God Bless.
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  • My eye is almost back to normal. The double vision has subsided,but I still have trouble focusing my right eye.It feels like it is only connected by a thread to my brain. I have also had an off and on low-grade fever for days since it has begun to get better. Not sure if it just related to a cough that I got about a week ago,but that is subsiding too. I go for an MRI this morning. I hope it is nothing serious that may require an operation.BonBon64
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  • I have had similar symptoms for 3 weeks now and the ER doctor and the Neurologist can't quite diagnose me. All I have been told is what it isn't. Doc wants to set up an MRI next. Meanwhile I wear sunglasses when I go out to alleviate the stares and the questions. BonI had an MRI done on Tuesday, April 10. I went back to my Neurologist today for a hopeful diagnosis. He showed me what my brain looked like and it didn't look good. Lots of white areas and he said it indicated the symptoms of MS. So now I am sceduled for another MRI,this time of my neck to check for any other lesions. More blood work etc... I'll keep posting. Any advice?
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  • My best friend's mother has MS. She says the secret is to fight it and keep your attitude good. She just recenctly was forced to retire and she is in her 60's, however, she is reportedly taking dance lessons. She was diagnosed in her early 30's and the medicines are much better now. Don't stop moving and doing.Good Luck
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  • go to www.ahummingbirdsguide.com nothing to do with hummingbirds has to do with ME all of your sx are there...look at symptoms page to L on home page...start there...write down how many sx you honestly have...good luck...
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