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  • Posted By: JMurphy
  • August 1, 2012
  • 05:52 AM

28 year old, fit female, eat healthy, 3 children, have adenomyosis, treated well with Prometrium but partial hysterectomy in Jan 2013, low stress really, happiest point of our lives past couple years.

3 months ago I developed suddenly what was thought to be sciatica. With Naproxen treatment over weeks the pain continued throughout leg to big toe with numbness and tingling, mass pain in buttock right side. Week after diagnosis, developed pain near L1. Full rotation of hips but weakened relflexes and no response to skin testing on right side of back (ie, no heat, no red on pinching). Dr sent me for MRI to rule out MS. Brain images came back clean.

2 Months ago developed vertigo(running into walls, falling out of bed etc) which within a month had calmed itself.

About a month ago I started developing severe headaches back of head. Intermittent sharp pains but a continuous feeling of something building in the same spot. Around same time lymphnode in front of ear and behind neck on right side swelled up to just below olive size. Whatever on that, maybe a virus or cold on it's way. A week after the lymphnode/gland on left groin swelled up to about cashew size, followed few days later by one on right side. Hard, nodular, not fatty, not very moveable like a cyst. This week a small pea sized one above collar bone on right side.

Yesterday I woke again with another headache. Took 2 T1s over 6 hours, no relief. Went to work for 5 hours in retail sales. Lot of bending up and down, noticed darkening in vision, and dizzy feeling upon standing, headache worsened throughout night. Got home, had iced coffee with expresso (usually helps me with taking edge of back and head pain) and within 2 hours of end of shift noticed swollen/blocked feeling in ears, rapidly increased heart rate, extreme headache blow up, worse it has ever been. Went to hospital. My bp usually sits at 7something/50-60. Upon arrival at hospital bp was at 148/91. I was confused, conuldn't remember the date, couldn't vocalize what I was trying to sift for an answer in my head, very scared not being able to control myself, felt like I was losing my mind. Tremors all throughout but right side aggressive. Right leg severe weakening and wobbling with minor thigh pain. ECG showed heart good. Giving cocktail bag of meds (unsure of all of them as I was unaware at this point but concious), I know there was Tramadol (??) and something to reduce swelling in brain and something else as well as a lot of IV rehydration. Throughout this whole hospital trip, a lot of peeing large amounts, little stinky but normal color. Blood work revealed low potassium, usually sit around 4.7-3.8, was at 3.2 (minor?) and low leucocytes(sp?). Sent home within 10 hours when pain resolved.

Had family dr appt today to review. He has prescribed Zomig to hopefully relieve future bouts of what they are classifying as complex migraines mimicking a stroke (never had migraines once in my life, though father and brother do). But very pushy since I told him about the sciatica and weakness that it is just anxiety. I have had anxiety in the past but after 2 years off life and testing my buttons have been able to recognize triggers and self soothe them. I have no been near any triggers in a long time, have not had crippling anxiety in over 6 months. I don't know how else to get him to recognize that the pain is real, the symptoms are real and that this is not in my head and should not be ignored. He said when I am ready I should come in and talk about treating my anxiety. I almost smacked him mid-tears explaining how scary last night was.

Does anyone have any advice, matching symptoms... something? We live in an area where changing drs is near impossible since there are no drs available and I only got this dr because he is my father's dr. I have no idea what else to do but feel I'm on the verge of losing my new job.
10 year relationship that led to my husband and I marrying in May has my husband joking about "threw sickness and health", he never thought it would mean now.

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