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Saliva in my face/swallowing food up....

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • June 5, 2010
  • 00:06 PM

Thanks for reading and I truly hope I can find out what's going on with me...

2 years ago I was using chemical substances fairly often and I found myself going about it in a more unhealthy way than normal (meaning I wouldn't drink as much water as before or eat as many fruits and veggies before and after using). One day I started having ear discomfort in my left ear. It felt like a type of pressure and my hearing was slightly muffled. After a few weeks or months the muffled sound moved to my right ear and then to both my ears. At this point I started to suspect it could have to do with using certain substances but nevertheless not being sure I continued to use.

Over time the feeling began to change and slowly was only apparent on the right side of my face. I say face because the problem has now morphed into something entirely different. I recall eating one evening and it felt as if there was a strong suction under my lip pulling all the food I didn't swallow UPWARDS and under my lip in small grainy and very painful bits. I recall putting my finger on my upper gums and feeling the skin attached to my upper inner lip and it felt as if small bits of food were somehow stuck there. I experienced that for at most 2 weeks.

At present my symptoms are as such: There is an intense pressure in my sinus cavity and it feels like my brain is swelling, when I drool or spit it comes out in bubbles mostly (froth) instead of the normal saliva I once used to produce, there seems to be a suction going towards my brain at the upper right salivary gland which causes swallowing to be a fairly large discomfort as the saliva seems to go UP and get stuck somewhere in my face or brain. It stings a little bit. In addition, I have knots in my neck from constantly literally cowering to the pain this causes me and when I'm not aware I find myself hunched over with my neck bent trying to relieve the pressure which I think does not work at all but has now become a bad habit. Also lately my vision has become slightly blurred and my eye muscles often feel like they're being strained, possibly from the pressure in my sinus cavity if that is even at all possible.

I have noticed that sitting up as straight as possible and doing neck stretches seems to alleviate a lot of pressure in my neck and sinuses as well. Also when I do eye exercises my sinuses pop and release a small amount of pressure for about 1 minute.

I have been to doctors for 2 years now and unfortunately I'm not in my own country so I'm not sure if the doctors really understand what I'm saying to them. However, I've tried sinus medication, nasal spray, had my hearing tested, my teeth checked, etc. No one has a clue. I just don't want this to be a way of life and the longer it goes the worse it gets.

By the way, I stopped using substances 6 months ago and I am a very healthy eater but no improvement still. If anyone has ANY idea what this could be please contact me. Thank you so much.


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