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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • October 19, 2011
  • 05:39 AM

I am in the military, and keep getting the run around with stuff from the doctors. I have been getting chest pain, not horrid, but enough to where I am clinching my fist near the middle of my chest (crushing and such), I have also been getting headaches every day for the last year, my hands have been either going weak or getting numb, off and on, and I have been short of breath. Left side neck pain on occasion, like a throbbing sharp pain, dizziness, fatigued to where I can sleep all day, and faint like spells, but not totally passing out...I am a gym rat, and it is getting to the point where I can only engage in cardio (tredmill running) for only 10-12 minutes now, and I use to be able to run three miles. I am 29 yr old female, on two blood pressure pills, (maxed out on both dosages), with a history of migrianes, but since they put me on the cardia (calicum channel blocker) to keep my heart beating normal or whatever, (bc of PVC's), I havent really had any bad headaches. I look extremely physically fit, and I work out every day lifting weights, but my cardio time keeps going down, I just cant breathe after ten minutes and I feel like I have to pass out. I also get winded going up stairs, talking on the phone...etc. I was born premature, and I recall my mom saying at the time I had a murmer, (how ever I spell it) but I havent been told I have had one that I can recall...the docs tested me for MS! Which freaked me out, obviously I do not have that, and are finally sending me to a cardiologist. My average heart rate at work is from 110-120 bpm, and after ten minutes of working out its 175 bpm, but I look like a professional athlete, I think that is why the docs have shrugged me off for so long and think I am a hypo or something. Just curious if anyone else has had these issues, and may be able to give me a heads up on what it might be causing me to basically fall apart physically.

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  • Very sorry to hear about your situation. The first thing that concerns me is that you're only 29 years old and you're already on two blood pressure control medications and have frequent PVC's! I'm surprised that you haven't been seen by a cardiologist already. Most likely your cardiologist will get an echocardiogram (which is an ultrasound for evaluation of your heart function that will be able to assess for any valve problems as well), an EKG and chest x-ray. It's unlikely at such a young age that you have coronary artery disease, but that as well as coronary vascular anomalies could be evaluated with a cardiac CT scan, if your cardiologist thinks that would be necessary. Lastly, if nothing else pans out, then they might order a regular CT scan of the chest to evaluate your aorta, which can also potentially cause crushing substernal chest pain, like you describe having.Good luck, and I hope you find your answer soon!
    Lihirananth 7 Replies
    • October 20, 2011
    • 09:56 PM
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  • Definitely get orthostatic vitals sitting and standing when you go to the cardiologist. Cardiologist will probably do an echocardiogram. Maybe ask about getting a stress test. And get alot of blood work done for thyroid, lyme etc. that's all i can think off
    Cutoff92 6 Replies
    • October 21, 2011
    • 01:26 AM
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