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RUQP for 1 1/2 years still no answers

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  • Posted By: mdfuqua
  • January 9, 2007
  • 11:22 AM

My name is Jason, I'm 28 years old, and have a history of RUQP. In the beginning the pain would come and go every now and then, but would be excruciating. Showing itself just under the ribs on the right hand side. Sometime radiating towards the back, others towards the middle of the abdomen. I've had more CT's, and X-Rays, Ultra Sounds, and MRI's than most humans. Checking for gallstones, along with a CCK HIDA, and showing no sign of stones. However the pain has become so persistant, and stays around a 7 on the pain scale, and rears up to an ugly 10. I've spent more time in the ER, than anything else. The pain lessens when I lean foarward and put my head to my knees, but it just doesn't let up anymore. I'm now on diability, because I would spend most of the time in the bathroom, being sick, from both ends. Nothing, and no one has found anything wrong. Is there something else they should be checking? That wouldn't show itself in he tests I've already had? I have to force myself to eat, and then wait for the pain to woorsen, but I know if I don't eat it's not good, so I make myself eat. I've lost weight, and I've had some other health issues arrise that may be a coinsidence, such as complete bladder retention, that comes and goes. Numbness, and tingling in the butt, going down the back of my legs, and they've checked all my nerves, and sent me to a nerurologist, and neurosurgeon, a rhematoidologist, a gastroentestinal dr (who I'm working with now) and I feel like I may never get an answer. My 6 months of disability is set to be up in March, and I'm affraid they wont' find anything and I'll loose my job, and my home. Anyone have any suggestions please.... I don't know how much longer I can live like this, before the sickness takes everything from me.
Feeling hopeless in California...

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  • Also forgot to mention I was told about 1-2 months ago that I had swollen lypnodes in the abdomen, and I've had High WBC, but it really goes up and down from one test to the next ranges from 7000 to 22000 at it's highest. Anyone know of anything?
    mdfuqua 1 Replies
    • January 9, 2007
    • 11:48 AM
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  • Also forgot to mention I was told about 1-2 months ago that I had swollen lypnodes in the abdomen, and I've had High WBC, but it really goes up and down from one test to the next ranges from 7000 to 22000 at it's highest. Anyone know of anything?Dear mdfuqua: My how awful you must be feeling, and I am sure the stress of potentially losing your job & home, doesn't help your physical problems. I am not sure if I can assist you, but I will try. First of all, it sounds like you have been proactive in your health care, and have a desire to survive...I commend you for this, and want to support you in not giving up! : ^ ) Secondly, it sounds as if a lot of appropriate tests have been run on you, and you say you are now working with a gastronologist? Have you had an apendectomy, or have they found diverticuli or cysts anywhere in your body? (I only ask, as you said you have been x-rayed, MRIed, CAT scanned, etc.) You also mention, (in your first post), that it is very difficult to eat, as, apparently, it seems to come out one end or the other. So may I ask you a few questions? ( I know you may have been asked all of these things, so please bear with me). How long has this condition been going on? What kinds of foods do you eat now, or have you been eating most of your life? Do you have pets/ are around aniimals? Do you work with, or have you been exposed to chemicals or toxins- (such as asbestos, radon, lead, toxic mold, bad water or food)?Has anything in your work or living environment changed, (such as construction), or been tested for the toxins I mentioned? Did you recently get anything new- carpet, paint, clothing, cleaning supplies, personal hygiene items, etc.? Any past food or other allergies? Have you had your stool tested, and are you regular? Do you drink lots of water? Okay- enough questions for now. With your high white blood cell count, pain you described, and inability to keep foods down/ in; my first thoughts are an allergy, an infection, and/ or exposure to a toxin of some sort that is ruining your digestive system. Without a proper digestive system, your body cannot process even good foods properly, thereby robbing ALL of your cells, which can cause, basically, everything to shut down/ dysfunction. Of course the longer it goes on, the more damage that is done, and the more symptoms you are likely to experience, making it tougher to know what is at the root of the problem. SO, in the digestive system you have your pancreas, bladder, liver, kidneys, both intestines, colon, etc. What kinds of tests have been run on these things, and what kinds of blood tests have you had? If any of these organs is stressed or failing, you could experience what you say you're experiencing. Next, do you have a chiropractor or acupuncturist to go to? I know that may sound weird to ask, but, as was my problem recently, (digestive problems, many pains, heart ache, heads ache, etc.); I went to many doctors to find out what was wrong- nothing helped- (bloodwork, stool samples, CAT scan). I never even thought of going to my chiropractor, (whom I have seen since I was 22- I am 37 now). BUT, as he is a naturopath, and he performs reflexology techniques, (NOT manipulative chiropratic care); I decided, what could it hurt further? ONE adjustment, and a bottle of Albaplex- a dietary supplement by Standard Process Inc.- and nearly all of my symptoms are gone, and I am more regular and back on the path towards good health. ( I go back in tomorrow for a follow up). Since you live in California, would you be able to make a trip to Oregon? That is where he is. His name is Dr. Roger Popp, (yeah, I laughed at his name too the first time I heard it). His address and number are : 979 Young Street Suite H - (503) 981-1254. Please call him if you feel you have tried everything else. He is truly a God-sent! ( And I am not exagerrating). I went to him after a car accident & pregnancy when months of other chiropractic care and physical therapy would not help at all! Lastly, my advice to you is to abstain from any unhealthy practices- smoking, drug use, alcohol use, unprotected sex, and avoid all processed/ artificial foods and beverages. Try to get plenty of sleep, drink lots of good clean water, and, have your home and/ or pets tested for toxins/ parasites. Keep your chin up, I hope you will get better, you're too young to have to feel this way! I hope you have a good support system of family and friends. If you don't, (or if you do), you may want to seek out your local Kingdom Hall. While I am not a Jehovah's Witness myself, these people have, throughout some of the most trying times in my life, been there with open arms, hearts, and true support. I do not find them to be irrational, pushy, or crazy. Even if they cannot lead you in a direction to assist you with your physical problems, they will be there to support how this is making you feel emotionally- and, with all you are going through, you must feel pretty drained in that area. Thank you for posting your problem, and giving me the opportunity to respond. I wish you the best of life, health and happiness!
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    • January 11, 2007
    • 05:44 AM
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  • Well i've had a normal habbit with foods, no allergies, that I know of. They removed a pollup from my collon about 7 years ago, and with the current rounds of xrays ect... They've come up with nothing. I have found the only thing differnt diet wise is that I have an almost incurrable hunger for sweets. I do have cats and dogs. The pain is so bad, that is what causes the upset stomach, and thus resulting in the food coming one way or the other. That has gotten better. I've been to see a pain specialist, as everyone else said there is nothing wrong with me. He's put me on the 50mcg of Fentenal patches, with percocet for break through pain, I still don't have complete resolution for my pain, I stay about a 3-4 now. So it's a little more tollerable, and the upset stomach seams to have gone away. But I would still like to know what is going on with me. I had one doctor tell me Fibromyalgia, another tell me Rheumatiod Arthritis. Yet no one will confirm these!! It's frustrating to say the least. but I'm ready for some answers. Thanks for taking the time to write back I hope I answere all the questions, they don't include your post for me to reference on the reply page. Jason
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