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runnung out of time 25yr old father

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 20, 2007
  • 00:51 AM

hi it all started on boxing day i awoke feeling short of breath felt like i was starting to black out, went to ER they done some blood tests come back fine and sent me home.
A week later lying in bed i got major heart pulpatations the next day i started getting tingling on my left arm like pins and needles and tingling on left side of face along with dizzy spells an fataige, i also started to get a tightning around my throat area but lymph nodes were fine.I went to doctor an had a ecg which come back normal he told me every thing was weight related,but im six foot an 110 kgs but of athletic build i have also noticed i get pain now an then in my left calf muslcle but its not like a strain.ive got my own stethoscope so i started listining to my heart some times its normal dub dub rythem but some times every maybe ten beats it only has first dub then starts new beat.A couple of weeks ago i started having what felt like heart flutters my heart would move and it would take my breath for a second but they stoped over three days. Ive been taking low dose asprin for about eight weeks they seem to make me feel better but today i stoped taking them to see if there actually making me worse.Some times i just feel so sick but not in my stomic doctors dont take it seriously because of my age i dont no what to do please help i dont wont to leave my kids alone.

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  • Could you be having an allergic reaction. Something in the house? Check out Edgar Cayce's website. Good luck!
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  • Have they checked for blood clot?
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  • I can see from your story that you are very worried. The first thing I would do is to get an understanding doctor who takes your symptoms seriouly. Do not give up. You sound as though you have a lot of anxiety. Come straight out and demand tests be taken . It is your right and for your peace of mind. I hope you good health. Don't worry it will happen. A friend in health Judy
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  • Are you in Canada? Being dismissed from ER is unacceptable. I had a stroke at 27, which caused damage because doc dismissed it as 'stress' or 'flu'. Mine was sudden and big, but there are warning signs like tingling, numbness or dizziness. I don't think you had one, but may be experience TIAs, get in their face, as if it is a stroke.
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  • I wish I knew what to tell you was going on. I'd just go back to your doc and demand that they help you with your pain! Good luck!Megan
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  • check into hypoglycemia
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  • thank u all very much for ur replys ive got a doctors appointment in a couple days and im going to demand more tests and look in to every ones suggestions im actually in new zealand god bless.
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