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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • February 12, 2007
  • 05:12 AM

I've had a lot of peculiar symptoms for quite some time now, starting perhaps, when I think about it now, 10 years or so ago.

Firstly, I occasionally get a 'pins and needles' sensation in my brain or head. Its nothing serious, and I can just ignore it and get on with what I'm doing, but still, I don't think thats normal. When I was about 14-15 (i'm 23 now) I went to a neurologist about it, he gave me a full check up and concluded it must be a rogue nerve. I used to drink a lot of diet coke and suspected this might be causing it so stopped drinking that, but it hasn't made much difference. Recently, I've noticed it seems to come when I feel anxious or have a small fright (e.g. like when you hear a strange noise in the dark, or brake too suddenly while driving).

Secondly, I've recently (in the past week) developed this itching, primarily on my legs and arms. There is no rash, until I start scratching, and then little red dots appear on the areas I've scratched (its not just marks from my scratching, they are definite shaped marks). The only constant I get deduce from this is that it usually happens between 2-4 hrs after I wake up. I had a similar thing about 2 years ago, however the itching was accompanied by nausea and feeling light-headed. I haven't had a great deal of nausea this time, but I've been feeling light-headed every now and then. Again, nothing that stops me doing whatever I'm doing, but it makes me stop and worry that I'm going to pass out. Last time I got this rash, I went to the doctor who diagnosed 'just a virus'. It did eventually go, this is the first time it has re-appeared. My life has been completely different both times I've had this thing - first time I was in a high stress job, eating poorly and (again!) drinking lots of diet coke. second time (now) i'm not working, a bit anxious about finding a job, have just started weight watchers (so am eating well, excercising regularly and drinking gallons of water). As an aside, i am overweight, by about 15 kgs, I don't know if that could have anything to do with it. The other thing about this rash is that when i have it badly, it goes to my hands and feet, and leaves them feeling like they are puffing up, but they remain completely normal in appearance.

also, I had a fainting episode about 6 months ago that put me in the emergency department overnight. I had been having tummy pains, then collapsed; the cause was said to be low blood pressure (i'd forgotten to drink any fluids all day, done my usual 6km walk to work and back, then had 1 glass of champagne at the hotel with friends, where I passed out). They tested things like my blood sugar which were fine. The tests they did on my heart were also spot on, and within about an hour of arriving at emergency all my stats were normal. I must have been alright as I left for and survived a 4 month overseas holiday (which I returned from in late december) the following week.

As well, about 2 weeks ago I had what was diagnosed by my doctor as a migraine, the first one I have ever had. I had been working on the computer, and i started to notice that the words I was reading with my left eye looked like they were being stretched across the page. Then, in my left peripheral vision, it was like i was looking at a mirage. I then developed a headache with moderate pain on the right side of my head. Upon questioning by my doctor, I realised i'd (again!) not drunk any fluids, had had a sugary breakfast, hadn't had lunch yet (it was about 3pm) and had been working in a hot room, then turned the air con on, hence he ruled it was a migraine cause by dehydration. Since reading the symtpoms of a migraine, I think he was correct, but as doctors are so busy these days, I wonder if he'd considered some of these other symptoms i've been having, perhaps it is all tied in.

Since the migraine, I have been getting slight headaches on and off, never anything serious, and if i'm honest, as soon as i start doing something to take my mind off it, they disappear. I have been keeping my water intake up very high, and eating outstandingly well. Thing is, i've just never had stuff like that before.

Other oddities include my having tinnitus, despite never playing in a loud rock band, or being one of those people who lets the rest of the bus hear whats on their ipod! I developed this about 1-2 months after the first time i had that itching virus, so wonder if there is something causing all of this?

Otherwise, I am an exceptionally healthy person. I go to the gym 4-6 times a week, doing high intensity cardio classes, and have no problems. Co-ordination and balance are above average, and apart from a very very occasional mild asthma problem, I am generally one of the star performers in my class.

Intelligence wise, not wanting to brag, but the most recent iq test i did put me in the 97th percentile, so no areas of concern there.

Also something which may be of note, whilst on holidays my diet was extremely poor, and i ate a lot of sugary foods. Also, when i have previously gone on weight watchers, i've developed an unhealthy habit of having one day a week where i eat whatever i want (ie so pretty much binge then starve the rest of the week). I wonder if this uneven approach to eating might have screwed up my system.

Occasionally, my eyes go blurry (like when you wake up) but this normalyl corrects itself.

I would really appreciate hearing from anyone who has any idea what is going on with me! I have researched all sorts of things, brain tumours, diabetes, there the two that spring to mind beacuse, well having a brain tumour is like my biggest fear (it was the first thing i asked my doc when i saw him about the migraine!) and diabetes because it seems to match a lot of the symptoms i have, combined with my up and down eating habits.

Thanks for reading if you've got down to the end of this!! Really hope someone can shed some light for me!!

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