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Ross River Virus

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  • Posted By: Anonymous
  • March 12, 2007
  • 11:30 PM

I have recently been diagnosed with both Ross River Virus and Barmah Forest Virus and suffer from the usual symptoms of arthritic pains in joints, aching muscles, chronic fatigue and racing heart beat with any exertion. I would appreciate any advice regarding treatments that anyone has found helpful.

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  • Thanks mate. It's nice to hear I'm not the only one wit RRV in 2007. I've had it since last October, and I'm interested in determining the range of symptoms, both physical and mental that are typical for those with RRV. For example, my ability to concentrate is significantly lower than before contracting the virus.I've been having a quick squiz on the Yahoo! search engine for RRV related sites and forums since the first positive blood tests came back in late January. I notice that much of the information available is either simple medical information: typical symptoms, DNA strands and very scientific data, or else personal anectodes and stories generally far outdated. I've been wondering whether everybody else hasn't found a cure for RRV and just forgotten to tell me. Naah...On Wednesday, I thought it might be worth starting a fresh forum, largely dedicated to RRV, in the hope that other people may be, like myself, almost bed-ridden on a day-to-day basis, yet still have the capacity to get online and spend these days of convalescence surfing away as RRV infected web junkies. Although much of my programming skills of the past are just not active in the cortex since this virus hit me, writing on forums and talking about stuff, and doing some of the easy web-design stuff like javascript and graphic design are not too much of a problem.I'm wondering whether others who have recently got RRV have been, like me, looking for answers on the 'net and coming up with all sorts of spam-like data.I hope that I can collect enough good links on RRV, (and in my case asthma and brain injury) to comprise a worthwhile web-site/forum for anyone in this same tediously boring and debilitating boat as myself.Anybody reading this post is welcome to help find useful resources such as hyperlinks, or post your own personal story about RRV on my brand new forum. I hope that this being my first post here, and not having gotten to know others on the forum as yet, that my action is not seen as spamming the forum, and apologise if my addition of my own greedy little hyperlink below is viewed as distasteful or even mercenary. Thank you for reading. The URL I eventually came up with for the forum is org.forum2u.org and I hope that as it becomes established, you may find information on the forum that is beneficial in some small way, while recovering from this most entertaining and annoying little virus.Sean Moran.
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  • It is September 2007 and i've just last week been diagnosed with RRV. I've got swollen EVERYTHING, and I just feel terrible. I feel like I am head to toe with arthritis, and i'm only 23. I am still at work, which I know is going to be worse off in the long run, but there's no-one else to do my job if i'm not there. I haven't taken anything stronger than nurofen, and i've used dencorub on my joints, unsuccessfully, to try and curb the pain a bit. Does anyone have any suggestions on ways to cope with this? I am exhausted, everything hurts, i'm miserable from being so immobile, i'm getting depressed from the weight gain (nearly 10 kilos in the last week!)I'm normally a really happy and healthy person, but this has pretty much just knocked me off my feet. I'd really like to hear from anyone who is going through this at present, because right now I feel like no-one understands what i'm going through. Email me @ candybearz@yahoo.com.au
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    • September 17, 2007
    • 00:31 AM
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  • I spen thousands of dollars trying every cure for rrv from colostrum to colloidal silver. What worked for me was milk thistle to support the liver. It helps with being tired and feeling sick. Try not to eat red meat and nightshade vegetables. Lots of rest and then some more rest. Be kind to yourself and stop trying to prove you are not really sick. This is what I did and it made me worse. It does pass. For me it took 15 months. A relapse at 20 months for 1 month. O.k today.
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