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  • Posted By: mikkelsonr1
  • June 17, 2010
  • 10:13 AM

unfortunately I have made some mistakes in my youth and i'm not sure if i'm paying for them all now, but whatever is going on with me is like living in ***l. About seven years ago, having ADD, I started snorting my adderal and that went on for about five years and then I went to rehab and quit for one and a half years now, but about a month ago I relapsed and had a night of binging. My nose was stuffed and so I sucked in really hard and felt a clump of something shoot down into my lungs or somewhere ells where it shouldn't have been. That day I started with all of these symptoms. And just to let you know, I was never a hard core drug addict, I only binged when I got prescriptions once a month. I was more compulsive than anything, but other than that, I stay active, I eat right, I don't have allergies, no asthma, I'm 28, I had pneumonia five weeks ago, and I have had rhinoplasty, other vises though are that I have chewed tobacco on and off sense playing college baseball in 2000, and then I was addicted to vicoden for five years. I got clean off everything even chewing and life was great, better than ever, until last month when this started. Ever since I sucked something in my lungs or something I have felt: dizzy, so tired that I can't keep my eyes open if my life counted on it, confused, anxiety, clearing my throat, congested all the time and more in the mourning, left eye twitching, can't breathe as well and very shallow, When I wake up it feels like I just drank about 20 shots of tequila, pink and purple spots on my knuckles and knees, lost weight in my face,wake up and hands are numb, wheezing but by the time I make it to the hospital I stop, so whatever it is, the symptoms are worse in the mourning, nose is swollen, eyes are red, extreme drowsy, bitter taste in mouth, depression, and a strange unnatural euphoric feeling that is actually quite scary, blurred vision and that's all I can think of. I've had blood tests- those were normal; I had a CT scan of my head-that was normal; I had a chest X-ray- they said that was normal. They diagnosed me as having a panic attack, well I may have had a panic attack, but something caused it, and anybody is going to panic when they wake up unable to breathe. I also have plugged up ears. The ENT said I was fine. So if I'm fine why did I go from happy, working, healthy one day, and with the blink of an eye go to living in ***l every second of the day for a month. I know there is stuff in my lungs and I can't ever get it out. Also, oddly, when I burp, I get relief. I can barely make it out of bed from day to day and I am completely sober and have no fever. When feel the drip in the back of my throat, I know I'm in trouble cause that's when I start getting severe symptoms. I am wondering if I have accumulated sludge like stuff in my lungs from snorting pills and if I have, how can get rid of it, or if it sounds like something ells.

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