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Reoccuring sinus polyps

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  • Posted By: Jstogs
  • July 22, 2008
  • 04:23 AM

I cant seem to shake the polyps in my sinuses. I've had two sinus surgeries in the past 3 years to remove the polyps. Their back! I haven't had my CT scan but I know their back because my nasal passages are swollen again and when I have a beer my sinuses inflame and cause severe swelling and discomfort. The last time I had surgery on my sinuses is when I was in Germany. I asked the doctor there why my face swelled and why the tissue in my nose would swell to the point where no matter how hard I tried to inhale through my nose I couldn't. He said that the alcohol thins the blood so it travels faster through out the body and that the polyps in my sinuses would block the flow of blood there by causing a backup of blood pooling in my sinuses . It didn't seem to make much sense to me. Anyway, my symptoms are swollen nasal passages, constant dripping of mucus down the back of my throat. Shortened breath, swollen face around my sinuses, black circles under my eyes, drained energy, my mucus is mostly clear with occasional 1/4 inch splotches of yellow-orange mucus. I blow out of my nose at relatively full blast but when I try to inhale at full strength the tissue in the back of my nasal passages vibrates and slaps together repeatedly causing pain. The only other problems I have with my health are 3 allergies to mold, aspirin, and ibuprofen. I've been using a nose bath of sea salts daily since the second surgery which was last august. The last ENT is saw again in Germany... said that his opinion is my polyps are caused by my allergy to aspirin and that aspirin is in many foods and that until I underwent aspirin immunology I was always going to have polyps.

Is this the truth?

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  • You're lucky you're in Germany! You may be able to try this: http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/node/695 I believe Ovamed is licensed to provide treatment in your country.
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  • DOM,What foods contain aspirin? Sounds fishy to me.
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  • I have something similar to what you have. I haven't had a cat scan yet. But from the scopeing, I have a deviated septium and a bone spur causing my issues. the nasal passage is small and when it gets swollen, it hits the bone spur and really causes some pain. I had chronic sinus infections on th same side and now that ear has been causeing pain.Its sounds like dehydration might be involved too. Alcohol /beer will will dehydrate a person. its also possible you are allergic to something in the beer. Do you have a sulfite or mold allergy, they can be triggers.Try drinking more water to hydrate from the inside, and skip the beer. It does help alot!! The nasal washes help , but don't seem to last long for moisturizing. There is no proof once you have a polyp , you will always get them back. I had one 10 yrs ago on the vocal cord and had it removed. Thankfully it hasn't come back. But I did think I had one in the nostril, but do not.There could be one in the sinuses, the ct scan will show that. I would get a second opinion to see what other options are availiable. Have you tried Mucinex-D, that helps keep the secreations thinned and helps with the choking/nasal drip prob. Good luck~~JerseyLymie
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  • No I don't believe it's true, IF you get to the bottom of it. It may be true if you rely only on traditional treatment. Like any symptom, once you eliminate the cause, it won't come back! You said you are allergic to moulds - this is an indicator that you very possibly have a candida yeast overgrowth. (Allergies are also a sign of suppressed immune system, which leads to candida overgrowth.) This condition is VERY common, but produces different symptoms in different people, depending on their pre-disposition. It's not easy to test for medically, but some practitioners see a mould allergy as an indicator. I know this for a fact from working with my clients, but I did a little checking for you to see what's out there. Info from the Mayo Clinic re. yeast/sinusitis http://www.stopyeast.com/sinusitis.html paragraph 5:http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FDN/is_3_11/ai_n27014340/pg_4"Sino-nasal polyps are a common finding in late-stage chronic sinusitis. A small French study investigated four patients with nasal polyps for allergy to Candida albicans, then treated all four with Candida antigen immunotherapy. Symptomatic improvements of 60-80 percent were seen, as well as a reduction in viral triggers and seasonal symptoms. (52)" Here are a few more links re. symptoms/sinus problems and candida:http://www.vaxa.com/immune-health-candida-overgrowth.cfm http://www.anysubject.com/candida-treatment-candida-infection-albicans-candida-symptom.asp This may sound unrelated but it's not - another major issue today is radiation exposure, which suppresses the immune system, and causes candida overgrowth as well. If you work in an office environment this could be a major factor. You may also be sensitive to gluten, so either eliminate wheat for a couple of weeks, or change to spelt bread, which is low in gluten but tastes "normal". If this is the case, you COULD have more mucous after a few days as your body releases stored mucous. Cow's milk products are also mucous causing and cause inflammation so try cutting those out as well. I wrote a couple of articles about this which were printed in a couple of papers here - if you want them I can email them to you. Talks about getting candida back into balance, protecting the immune system, etc. freehelp99@yahoo.com Karen
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