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Reiters Syndrome Hlab27

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  • Posted By: Medical8
  • June 3, 2008
  • 01:27 AM

Hello Reiter's Patient's!

This writing is from a Reiter's Victim like yourself. He tells his story as such:

I used to run everyday. 3 miles in just 17 min. 58 sec. At the time I had a very good job and was in good standing for 4 years. One evening I went to bed perfectly normal and was awakened the following morning by the urge to use the bathroom. I couldn't move. It was like I was hit by a train. OMG what was wrong. I couldn’t even move my legs to put my feet on the floor, the weight of my feet and legs was causing the worst pain ever. I felt sick all over. What was going on? I couldn't reach the phone to call family and everyone was gone from the house. Hours later, I lowered myself, falling on the floor, and then crawled through the house utilizing only my arms like the Little Train that Could. I made it to the phone and then the door opened, it was a Grandparent! The family and I then went to the hospital.

* Ironically the day before I had just taken a minor fall from a ladder while hanging X-Mas lights. I jumped approx. 4' from the ground as the ladder began to slide and didn't get sure footing when I landed. I felt both of my knees turn in ways in which they hadn’t before. Nothing requiring medical attention!
*That evening I helped moving a rather large object off of a truck and other items upstairs. My knee felt like a thousand + rubber bands constricting around the front and back of my knee. I must have done more to my knees than what I thought.
* Approx. 7 days prior I was prescribed a Flor Quinolone (Sp?) Antibiotic for sinus infection. (See www.DrugVictims.org for more info).

I advised the hospital of the first incident falling from the ladder. You must have damaged your knees, then referred me to an Orthopedic Surg, failing to listen to any of my other symtoms and do any blood work.

This particular Ortho is well known for working on alot of the famous ball players in town. His diagnosis would have to be right? I went and wasn't happy. Long Story short I asked for a second opinion and went to another well known Ortho who was also known for the same. I thought to myself . . . the pain I was feeling all over wasn't matching up with just my knees I suppose they could have been injured as well but it just wasn't making sense. My feet and ankles and knees were swollen.
This second doctor was appalled that the other doctor which he knew very well, was ready to-do "exploratory surgery". He advised that I see my PCP regular doctor. So off I go to see my PCP for blood work. The PCP knew my family history very well and immediately diagnosed me with RA Rheumatoid Arthritis. He also did this prior to any test results. This is the same Doctor who prescribed the Flor Quinolone Antibiotic for a sinus infection *. My tests came back neg -, he explained that you can get a false neg - and that I would need to see a well known Rheumatologist. I did and was immediately prescribed an anti-inflammatory. His tests all came back neg as well. I refused all other medication knowing the reactions my loved one had with RA, though some were long term and with weighted affects. TAKE the GOOD with the BAD! All of my joints were now popping and cracking as a reult of this medication. I was told to keep taking it and give it time. I couldn’t take it anymore! I told family that I honestly felt I was going to make it and that we needed to prepare. I remember trying to sleep in bed holding back tears of pain and discouragement. In the middle of the night I called the Doctors Office only to hear the exchange recording and knowing that a hospital visit wasn't going to do any good. I was diagnosed now Diagnosed with Reiter’s Syndrome. What is this I asked? HLA-B27 gene specific?

*Back to the antibiotic LEVOQUIN (Sp?) I was told I had a reaction to the antibiotic and that it is notorious for tendon rupture which I had in both my ankles. Cipro (Sound Familiar?) is an antibiotic used to treat many things including those exposed to Anthrax. This is in the same group of antibiotics as Levoquin! WOW! I was told what are they doing treating a sinus infection with Levoquin?

I then began listening to my body. It was swelling because it was going into a protection mode and here I was draining these fluids from my knees and taking medicine to counter. My body was out of BALANCE! SED rate was sky high and blood work out of line. I started drinking LOTS of water every chance I could, and believe it or not I read a couple of BOOKS! THE BIBLE, and EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR BLOOD TYPE. They worked. I currently take 1000 mg of Vit C, Fish Oil, Flax Seed Oil, Coral Calcium, Shark Cartilage, and an easy colon cleanse.
**Im not claiming that this is a cure but it did clear my body of toxins. I still have good days and mixed with some bad days (More Good than Bad!)but I've come along way from being told I would never walk again and that I should go out on disability. This was unacceptable to me!

I started Aqua therapy! Wonderful idea no stress on the joints and the heat helped with flexibility and mobility. At first I couldn't even stand to take a shower. Yes I mean stand, I had to have help bathing and would almost pass out from the energy I used just to stand. Even going to the bathroom was a chore, I had to have a booster seat to keep from having to bend so low to the ground. The use of a Wheelchair, everything had gone to ***l!

VERY IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are like me competitive you look for FAST QUICK results. Well there are none! You will not be able to tell any progress on a day by day basis rather it will start something like this . . . I couldn't do this or do this much last month and now I can! WOW! . . . I couldn't do this or this much last week and now I can! WOW! . . . I couldn't do this or this much a couple days ago and now I can! WOW! . . .What can I do tomorrow? KEEP pushing yourself. It's ***l and you can beat it! YOU WILL FIND YOUR OWN PROGRESS!

NOW with all os this in mind the only things that that the doctors will all agree on is ...
1) I have Reiters Syndrom.
2) I'm allergic to Quinolones.
3) I injured my knees as a result of everything weakening my joints,muscles etc.
4) You may have some sort of connective tissue disease that we just dont know about yet.
5) HLA-B27 +


All blood work is fine!
I have a minor ache and pain hear and there.
I notice a difference with the weather and with what I eat.
Heat is a plus+

***********In closing I know that the money isn't in the cure rather the treatment! I've studied alot concerning the Human Genome Project and the connections with Stem Cell Research. I'm interested in speaking with a doctor expereinced in Stem Cell therapy and who has knowledge of HLA-B27.

Thank you,



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