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Recurring e. coli Urinary track infection

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  • Posted By: uti-go-away
  • March 25, 2008
  • 04:14 AM


I'm a 35-year old male and have suffered from recurring E. Coli infection in urinary track for the last 3 years. The infection comes back every time after I have sex. The infection is now controlled by antibiotics, but the E. coli strains are getting quite drug-resistant.

Multiple doctors have done many diagnostics -- urinanalysis/culture x-ray/CT over kidney/urinary track, ultrasound over bladder/testicles, comprehensive blood tests and checks for virus (HIV/RHR), cystoscope. Nothing wrong is found, except a mild mega-urethra which the doctor does not think is the cause. I have only one sex partner and my wife is healthy.

Anything else to look for?

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  • Patients of either sex are more likely to develop a UTI if there is an abnormality of the renal tract (such as the mild mega-urethra you describe). Since you mention that the infection recurs after you have sex with your wife, is it possible that (although she appears healthy) she is actually just asymptomatic and is re-infecting you (due to your pre-disposition caused by the mega-urethra) without exhibiting symptoms herself? Has your wife actually been tested for E-coli or is it just that she is asymptomatic? What struck me about this is that you keep getting reinfected when you have sex with your wife. So even if she isn't displaying symptoms of any infection herself then maybe she should be tested anyway? Don't give up, UTI's are miserable! Keep pestering the doctors till they get you sorted out! Good luck!Milly:)
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  • that's exactly my conclusions, too. Time to check all the natural supplements and do acupuncture, along with getting the wife on something. You might have to use a condom. My friend had it and he ended up in the hospital and on anitbiotics for a couple of months, so I think it requires a very long treatment of continuous antibiotics, but useless if the wife has it. Maybe you keep contaminating yourself somehow. Think.
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  • Drink lots of water to flush out the urethra and never go to sleep after sex until you've urinated.
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  • e. coli is very different than regular bladder infections. You need to be much more aggressive and involve your wife..
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  • If not her someone then another gal could do, as long as she also is not a carrier.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tlU-1u1JC8&feature=related e. coli is very different than regular bladder infections. You need to be much more aggressive and involve your wife..
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  • First of all get the best quality probiotic you can afford, and take this daily as well as your wife. This is very important due to the disruption of your natural flora from the repeated antibiotic use. Do this asap and stay on a double dose for at least a month! There are natural herbs that have antibiotic properties: wild oregano oil, goldenseal, berberine or coptis, fresh garlic, colloidal silver. Try a combo and see if this helps. I agree your wife needs testing done. Best wishesDOM
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  • Thanks for all the suggestions -- some are certainly new.My wife has checked with the gynecologist and clear of infection. My urologist also dismiss that. In fact, the infection recurs even if I used condom -- at one point, we were suspecting of condom allergy. I also urinate after sex now.The current treatment plan is to take a pill of cipro after sex and my doctor is hoping this will go away after sometimes. I just worry the strains get tougher.
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  • My second guess, if you were using condoms, But it's possible that your UTI persists because of chronic exposure to elecromagnetic fields from things like your cell phone, if you use one. Have you considered this? I have suspected and can rule out the condom allergy as it occurs even after stop using condoms for long while. The cell phone possibility is very interesting indeed, even though it sounds blizzard! As nothing seems helping, I will stop putting my phone in the pocket and see what happens! Thanks for the tips!
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